Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Protection & Spyware, Virus and Malware Removal & Endpoint Security Solutions Dubai

anti-virus protection
VRS Technologies have been the prolific player in offering the wide spectrum of IT protection to numerous businesses, specifically towards the effective anti-virus protection, anti-spam protection and the endpoint security solutions.

VRS Technologies Dubai, UAE brings about the spectrum of network security services and takes its pride in housing the qualified professionals under one roof who could presumably diagnose the malicious software’s like worms, Trojans, ransom ware and more.

Secure the systems through anti-virus protection:

We focus on Anti-Virus Protection in the following way:

  • Scanning the specific files and directories to bring about anti-virus protection to the files.
  • Ensuring the directories are kept clean from virus setbacks.
  • Providing the two-way firewall protection for data centers in specific
  • Engaged in remote console system to support the network remotely.

Anti-Spam protection an initiative by VRS Technologies

VRS Technologies implements the anti-spam technology in place to bring about the anti-spam protection to the systems and ensures that the exchange server properly filters both the inbound and outbound messages for any malicious spams.

Finest offerings of anti-spam technology:

  • Constant anti-spam protection for exchange servers
  • Bulk email quarantine configuration to the mails
  • User level filter permissions pertaining to emails
  • Real-time guard of incoming traffic
  • Outbound spam filtering when mails sent to the recipient
  • Anti-spam protection ensures content filtering for inbound messages
  • Virus removal services as an operational inclusion

    The security software becomes the most important component for security and at times when it is not being updated there is a possibility of the virus setback.

    As a part of the security engagement, we constantly engage in virus removal service is implemented so that the systems and the network infrastructure eventually gets cleaned through the effective virus and malware removal and spyware malware removal.

    The security engagement brings dynamics in virus removal service

    The virus removal service has been an effective restoration process to eliminate viruses, Trojans, spyware and other malware with ease. We ensure the total security update to the operating system and the installed security software as and when required. The security engagement is being carried out either onsite or remotely via thin-client connectivity by our security experts.

    Spyware Malware removal an important process to for system’s health

    Spyware is a program that enters the computer system without the knowledge of the user who uses the system. We involve in the spyware malware removal process and ensure the optimum performance in a computer system.

    Following are our initiatives in spyware malware removal

    • Clean up registry/temporary files/ menu/quick launch/task bar shortcuts
    • Spyware removal involves capturing sensitive data such as keystrokes, emails
    • Involves tracking the browsing habits of the user
    • Monitoring the PINS and credit card numbers

    Endpoint security solutions for computer systems and the networks

    The endpoints are considered the most pivotal component which ardently connects the internal network system and the entire computer systems in the form of computer terminals. The endpoint is constantly prone to certain threat and requires the appropriate threat protection.

    We focus on the endpoint security with the following deployments

    • Antimalware software installations
    • Device control
    • Endpoint data loss prevention or the (DLP)
    • Enterprise mobile device management (MDM)
    • Powerful threat prevention with real-time security updates
    • Advanced threat detection, including detecting unknown threats which hits the endpoints

    We assure the faultless user ability for the business users by ensuring the appropriate endpoint security measures. The service providers who bring about a comprehensive methodology for endpoint security paradigms. Above all, we bring about the integration of certain advanced features for the enterprise organization through enterprise solution initiatives.

    VRS Technologies is Partnered with:

    KASPERSKY - Gold Partners VRS Technologies

    KASPERSKY - Gold Partners

    Kaspersky produces and distributes perfect information security solutions to the large companies and organizations to protect from any complex IT threats and support to manage risks involved.

    Key Features:
    • Full security status reporting
    • Roll back harmful activity for the infected PC
    • Provide cloud-based information for the emerging and new threats
    • Alerts for malicious websites / web link reputation
    • Check updates for the third-party software
    • Identity protection against phishing emails / websites
    ESETNOD-32 - Gold Partners VRS Technologies

    ESETNOD-32 - Gold Partners

    Esetnod32 serves to be an integrated antispyware, anti-virus, anti-spam and personal firewall solutions. It ensures speed, accuracy and quality solution to the IT companies.

    Key Features:
    • Eliminates Mac, Windows and Linux viruses, Trojans, rootkits and worms
    • Features removable media control
    • Prevents any complex malware infection from USB flash drives, DVDs and CDs
    • Suspends pop-up notifications, scanning and scheduled tasks
    • Cloud enhanced Whitelisting allows fast and accurate malware detection
    • Smart detection features will help identify viruses and cyber threats
    • HIPS – Host Based Intrusion Prevention system blocks unauthorized changes to the programs
    TrendMicro - Silver Partners VRS Technologies

    TrendMicro - Silver Partners

    Trend Micro provides the network security against known, unknown and zero-day vulnerabilities. It also provides security against dynamic threats.

    Key Features:
    • Complete network security
    • Enhanced and advanced threat protection across the enterprise
    • Next-generation intrusion prevention system
    • Provide maximum and premium security to virus and spyware detection and cleaning
    • Prevention of unauthorized change of security system
    • Complete protection from malicious links in the instant messengers
    McAfee - Silver Partners VRS Technologies

    McAfee - Silver Partners

    McAfee provides the complete security solutions to protect your systems and emails. McAfee eliminates the need to invest in additional infrastructure, while giving excellent protection to the information.

    Key Features:
    • All security products are easy and fast to use
    • Gives complete protection without interference
    • Reliable and highly powerful protection
    • Features network manager, New Quick Scan and Anti-phishing
    • Features shredder, which allows to remove any or all traces of confidential files from the computer