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Why should you consider Annual maintenance contract for servers

Annual-Maintenance-Contract servers
Computers, servers and other network devices, as part of the IT equipment, have become necessary in conducting a business. Servers, in particular, hold the responsibility of ensuring the company’s computer network is running smoothly without any interruption. The servers are also responsible for storing data and furnishing it on request. In the event of servers not working well, there are pretty chances of a network failure all of a sudden, resulting in the unfortunate loss of the data. This is the first reason to cite as to why servers are most important for a network and need a proper maintenance and care. For some other reasons too, annual maintenance contract for servers has become a necessity. Just like the other networking devices, server maintenance needs a thought.

Why the annual maintenance contract for servers is essential

 1) Increases the lifespan of a server

Anyone would wish for the longevity factor and if you intend to increase the lifespan of the server, maintaining it regularly will help achieve this. This can save you time and money eliminating the difficulty in purchasing new servers and transferring the data from the original source in case of a server failure.

2) Boosts server productivity

A regular maintenance of the server can ensure the server to work faster which in turn initiates a greater productivity in the business.

3) Resolves troubles instantly

With constant monitoring and maintenance of the server, it can become easy to fix the issues within less time and stop further complications which could be a disruption to the work.

4) Prevention is better than cure

It is better protecting and updating the server in advance as you should keep in mind the server might undergo a trouble in the future. While maintaining the server is not to prevent future issues alone but to allow the network to be prepared in case anything is not alright in the future.

VRS technologies Dubai offers an annual maintenance contract for servers and other IT devices, along with an end to end IT solutions. Our specialty is to offer preventive measures to your computer, network, and servers.

Call VRS Technologies on +971 55 1683152 to avail our Annual maintenance contract for your server to run well or visit our website

How Network cabling depends on certain factors

Network cabling Installation

Data and communications network forms the lifeline of an organization. Not the network alone, how the network is connected to the devices is just as important. It is the cabling that decides the performance of the network. With the advancement in the technology, it has become almost a must for the company to give priority to the network and its cabling. However, while the network cabling is installed, certain factors play a vital role.

Some factors deserving a consideration for the Network Cabling Installation are:

1) Bandwidth needs of existing network

The network’s current bandwidth needs are necessary for determining the type of cabling to be used. A small network of 20 workstations will need lower bandwidth rather than a network with 100 workstations. What should be kept in mind is the future expansion of the company when thinking of the network size. With more growth, more bandwidth is expected. It is also worth considering the type and volume of data traffic your network will be supporting. To cite an example, a graphic firm with 20 workstations will require greater bandwidth than a law firm consisting of 50 workstations.

2) Network environment

Cabling is also dependent on the environment to a great extent. That is why the question arises if the copper cabling or fiber optic cabling suits the network. As it is believed, fiber optic cabling goes to the extent of offering the fastest bandwidth possible, yet it has its limitations unable to suit to certain environments. Whenever there are dirt and scratches on the optical fiber cables, they find it difficult to transmit the data, in contrast to the copper cables. On the other hand, twisted copper cables are prone to radio frequency and electromagnetic interference. Here is where optic cabling is suitable.

3) Future bandwidth requirements

As it is better to consider bandwidth requirements based on the current size of the company type and volume of data traffic involved, one other factor not to be neglected is the future growth of the enterprise or company. Estimating the future bandwidth requirements with the expansion of the company is usually expensive and complex. As the company expands, the number of employees increases and communication needs multiply. This gives rise to more bandwidth requirements which need a planned perspective for the implementation. As a matter of truth, it is cheap to future proof any cabling rather than planning and replacing the current cabling.

To be secure, it is not the budget that should decide on the implementation of the network but understanding the current and future bandwidth requirements and the network environment is responsible for determining the type of cabling. Or it could be that the older technology or incorrect method of cabling could be bad for the network leading to poor user experience.

There are further more details that fall into consideration when it comes to a network cabling installation and a proper administrator does it for you.

At VRS Technologies Dubai, our engineers estimate and suggest, plan and implement advanced network cabling systems to suit your company requirements.

You can reach us on +971 55 1683152 or refer to our website for more detail.

Why IT Disaster Recovery should be Employed

IT Disaster Recovery

Most companies today invest in IT infrastructure to conduct business and not always can the IT infrastructure promise to perform the same way forever. Certain unplanned incidents do take place leading to an IT disaster, causing a loss to businesses. With hardware failures or power outages, chances of disasters are apparently high. An  IT disaster recovery plan forms crucial for a business responding to the disasters instantly.

Key reasons for why IT disaster recovery is important:

1) Hardware or network failure

Although the IT devices a company uses may be modern and advanced, there is no cent percent guarantee they will not complain with a failure. While it is expensive to meet the challenges like data loss or interruption in the service due to the failure, having a disaster recovery plan will handle them. If not an inbuilt data centre, outsourcing the infrastructure to an IT disaster recovery company will eliminate possible service interruptions due to a failure in the IT infrastructure.

2) Human errors

As far as anyone can remember, there are instances when a saved document has been rewritten or in the midst of a power outage or due to security breaches, there might be a data loss. As humans, it is quite common to make errors and even in the most cautious circumstances, it is unavoidable. IT disaster recovery gives way to a series of data backups to restore all the files to their original state. Along with quality backup plans, one crucial factor of disaster recovery plan is to check if the backup is working promptly or not.

3) Customers satisfaction

With the competition cut throat, any dissatisfaction among the customers gives a chance to the competitors to rule over you taking the potential customers away. Customers go in the direction of choosing better service all the time and the power outages or data disasters which are avoidable cannot be the reason for losing the customers.

Naturally, customers slip off your hand but getting their goodwill back and retaining them is the hardest part of the business. When the promised services do not reach customers at the stipulated time due to service interruptions, it is difficult to bring back the trust lost.

No business is immune to an IT disaster but being prepared for the unexpected change and employing an IT disaster recovery plan might speed up the recovery process.

VRS Technologies Dubai is a trusted destination for advanced IT disaster recovery solutions for IT firms. Our disaster recovery plans span from minor deletions to entire system failures.

You can reach us on +971 55 1683152 or refer to our website  for more details about data backup solutions and backup and disaster recovery UAE.

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Anti-Virus Protection-a must for Computers

Anti virus protection

A computer is the store house of a huge amount of data, stored in the form of files and documents. Now- a-days, it is quite common to see computers affected by viruses sent by hackers for false means such as to exploit the data. This might end up in the loss of the important files or documents. The anti-virus protection will ensure the overall protection from the viruses. It can easily detect the virus and delete the infected files.

Here are the different ways a virus can attack you:

Entertaining video

Certain times, you are sent a video and instructed to open it and once it is done; the computer is attacked by virus, which starts erasing the damaged files and documents.

Attachments or links from spoofed emails

Spoof mails are one of the most common ways of sending virus into the system. These emails appear to be coming from a legitimate source but in reality contain harmful links or attachments. Once you open them, your computer will be susceptible to a virus. The emails are so finely designed that even for an expert manager it might appear like a harmless mail.

Downloading software from sites

Many believe there is a possibility of virus attack when software is downloaded only from inappropriate websites but virus is spread all over the internet. Even from the most trusted source, there can be clever traps laid by hackers.

Ads online

Online ads are another way of infecting your system with virus. Genuine ads are placed on trusted websites and allowed to be seen until they are trusted. After a while, a malicious code appears in the ad and when clicked on, attacks your system with virus.

Although avoiding some are in our hands, some may be unavoidable. It is usually safe to stay away from such traps. Anti-virus protection is equally necessary alongside it.

If you need anti-virus protection for your computers, call VRS Technologies  at +971 55 1683152 or refer to our website


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Essential Tips from Data Recovery and Backup Dubai

backup and disaster recovery

Data forms the heart of a business as one should say all the business operations go hand in hand with it. But as you utilize it, so you should secure it. There might be plenty of projects waiting in the line for attendance. At the same time, you cannot neglect securing the crucial data, leading your business forward. Why should it be a concern? Due to an accidental loss, hardware failures or cyber threats, there are unfortunate chances of losing valuable data. What use would it be if it is not available when in need? The major operations of your business do suffer, holding you back from working your way up. If you want to secure the data and be safe with the business, data recovery and backup Dubai can assure it.

When it comes to data recovery and backup, there are some things to remember:

1) Plan ahead

Your organization may be well framed but luck cannot work in your favor all the time. It is wise to expect things to go the wrong way in case and would be better to have a good data recovery plan ahead.

2) Have a redundant backup system

You had better prevented the impending data loss by having a redundant backup system. Through this procedure, all the critical data files can be copied through software programs suitable for the operating systems of the PCs. Alongside a backup solution, a regular checkup is to be done to ensure the backup is working well. Apart from backup solutions, securing the data with the help of firewall or anti-virus software is equally important.

3) Do not fall into a risk

Implementing the plan on your own can be risky for any business as it would not be an easy affair. Trying to recover the data with the help of any repair tools could be harmful to the devices, ultimately causing a permanent data loss.

If you can look for a reputable service provider, he will do all the planning, implementation and taking up additional responsibility of safeguarding the data with reliable data recovery and backup solutions and strategies. Avoid any potential risks with data recovery and backup Dubai.

For effective data recovery and backup, call VRS Technologies at +971 55 1683152 or refer to our website

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How Endpoint Security Solution form a Protective Measure for an Enterprise?

endpoint security solution

Cyber threats are on the rise, and it can be a heavy loss for any enterprise to fall prey to viruses, spam or malware and lose its confidential data. By preventing the network devices from being attacked by intruders for enterprise safety, security measures should be employed. Out of the different security solutions available, endpoint security solution have been proven to be more efficient and effective; the reason being this security solution is an extended approach to protect the endpoints like servers, mobiles, laptops, computers connected to the enterprise network etc. from potential cyber threats. This kind of security extends its security to each endpoint device.

Why exactly endpoint security solutions are important?

Endpoint security makes all the difference because when employees are using mobile devices, laptops and computers remotely from home or when on the go, a centralized security solution would not be enough and hence a more defined and an extensive security solution has evolved which is the endpoint security.  When merged with endpoint security system, the centralized security system can pave way to extra protection at the endpoints, which just are not entry points alone but access points to important data.

How does endpoint security software differ from anti-virus?

Unlike the anti-virus software which protects individual devices, the Endpoint security software secures the overall network. With endpoint software, the endpoint devices like laptops and mobile devices are secured individually with the help of anti-virus, firewall or other security software, which means the overall network is protected. This ensures high defined security to the enterprise.

Endpoint security solutions are a protective measure to safeguard the corporate data more efficiently.

We at VRS Technologies provide you the advanced endpoint security solutions for the necessary protection to your computer and network systems.

What we have as part of our endpoint security system:

  • Threat prevention with security updates
  • Detecting previously unknown threats
  • Enterprise security management with top rated threat management

For endpoint security solutions from VRS Technologies, call us at +971 55 1683152 or refer to our website

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Secure Your Business with UTM Solutions

utm solutions

There is a growing rise in the insecurity of computer systems and networks of many businesses today. It is due to the threats coming from external sources with the intention to steal the crucial data of your company through various mechanisms. The threat could be malware, spyware, spam, hacking or virus. Any such kind of an intrusion could put the confidential information of a business at risk, falling into the wrong hands. Plus, once a computer is infected with the virus, it might spread about to the other systems as well. So security of computer networks is utmost essential for the overall wellness of the company. For any issue falling under the roof of network insecurity or cyber insecurity, there are the unified threat management solutions, an integrated package of cyber security solutions. To prevent as well as resolve the most troublesome issues posing a threat to your business operations, impacted by threats, UTM Solutions can stand by you.

Some of the UTM solutions are:


Unauthorized emails are sent in order to steal confidential information for personal use or to direct harmful virus to the computer systems and ask for unreasonable ransom. It can be a heavy price for the company at times. Either to prevent spam from entering the system or manage its intensity, anti-spam protection is necessary.


Anti-virus program is one other security tool essential to keep the computer systems free of viruses. It can detect any suspicious files or websites with harmful software programs entering the computer systems and making them vulnerable to virus attack.

Content control filtering

Control filtering restricts access to a reader from unauthorized or restricted content which might otherwise show up on your company website. When such restricted content pops up on your website, it might be unimpressive for the business. It is good to block any such malware from entering your systems or managing it through content control filtering.


Intrusion prevention is a security solution to identify a threat and respond to it instantly and prevent the hacker from exploiting the system. It also controls the traffic by sending the right traffic and blocking the harmful ones from entering the computer system.

A company may be running a highly potential business but it should not be blind eyed about securing its computer systems from threats for a hassle-free business. To deal with cyber threats or issues accompanying them, there are companies offering Unified threat management solutions.

We at VRS Technologies in Dubai have a package of Unified threat management solutions for the overall security of your business. With prices economically reachable, we offer our services to our clients across various industries. We have partnered with Cyberoam and Watchguard, industry’s highest security platforms.

For our Unified Threat Management Solutions, call VRS Technologies at +971 55 1683152 or refer to our website


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Why does your business need Annual Maintenance Contract Services?


annual maintenance contract

Computers have become a basic necessity for every business and also the dependence on them is very large. In every day’s business operations, computers have a lot to do. For data management, accounts or communication, they are must- have tools. But with the advancement of technology, there is a need for a regular up gradation of the systems. Plus, even if the systems are advanced, there are ample chances for them to meet a technical challenge. Or there could be a repair or any other challenge faced by the computer. When it is solved in time, there can be problem free systems working well to benefit the business under operation. To counter the issues holding the systems back from operating well, they need to be checked constantly. For this, a regular service and maintenance can offer the best solution, keeping the systems in health. Annual maintenance contract services can sort out every issue concerning the computers.

What are Annual Maintenance Contract Services?

We at VRS Technologies are an Annual Maintenance Contract Company offering Annual Maintenance Contract Services to diverse areas. Our team of skilled technicians is at your command to sort out your issues and resolve your queries with round the clock support. We consider customer feedback with due diligence.

Our services include

  • Repair and replacement of defective parts
  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Hardware and Software installation
  • Data recovery and backup
  • Driver updates
  • Defragment Hard Drive
  • Optimization of computer operating system

To avail the VRS Technologies, call us at  971 551683152  or refer to our

Be smart at business with data backup and recovery solution in Dubai

backup and recovery solution Dubai

Data loss can be expensive for any company to bear especially while depending on computers and the internet for most of its business operations. Computer viruses, hardware failure, file corruption or theft can be the cause of it. If unchecked, it could be risky for the business leading to setbacks. In order to restore all the data for the betterment of the business, a good backup and recovery solution is necessary. We at VRS Technologies provide the data and backup solution in Dubai for your business.

What is the result of data loss and how can data backup and recovery solution help?

Business could run poorly

Many companies are unaware of the consequences of not following a proper data backup and recovery plan. Without a proper data recovery plan or solution, the business cannot survive since the work might be ineffective, resulting in a poor business. With data backup, any data loss concerning the business can be handled avoiding any poor functioning of the business.

Customer service gets affected

Without any proper data backup and recovery, service to the customers can suffer. If staff cannot have access to the information, they cannot provide a quality service to the customers. This way, valuable contracts might be lost making the company unable to survive.

Data loss is too expensive

In short, without a data backup or recovery solution, it is hard for any company to earn revenues as expected from the business to prosper. It could affect the business in multiple ways, preventing it from running erectly.

backup and recovery solution in Dubai for our clients across a diverse spectrum. Our services range from backing up your systems, data, applications, recovery of lost files and irrecoverable folders and restoring to your desired hardware.
To avail our services, call VRS Technologies at +971 55 1683152or refer to our website

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