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Network cabling Installation brings forth connectivity for higher bandwidths

In the recent years, with drastic digitization which has come into existence among the numerous corporate and business enterprises, it fervently becomes mandatory for these business entities to have a substantial network in place to effectively combat the significant transfer of data workflow within the enterprises. In fact, it has become an inherent factor for companies to take the business to the most elevated zone and this has been possible with the deployment of the network cabling installation in place.

Network cabling Installation

Network cabling installation as a basic backbone in the enterprise

With ever-increasing needs of the digital entity within the organization, the network cabling installation actually begins with a pre-conception of accommodating both the voice and data transmission through the cabling which gets aligned in the business enterprise.

The network cabling process gets initiated with reference to the cabling at each workstation connecting each other in the format of peer-to-peer networking system and finally getting connecting to the central server in the format of a client-server architecture.

Anecdote: The network cabling that goes into the alignment for connecting the different workstations together consumes lesser bandwidth as in comparison to the servers connecting to the data centers in the same network setup.

Network cabling Architecture

The network cabling or the twisted pair (TP) which generally gets aligned in a business enterprise are comprised of the two main categories of cabling systems such as the unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and the shielded twisted pair (STP)

In general, the UTP network cabling is the ideal cable alignment to connect multiple workstations together to the central server as UTP cannot be leveraged for long distance for the transmission of data and voice. The UTP has been chosen among the numerous customers across as it reduces the burden of huge costing to align STP cabling.

The STP, on the other hand, supports the fiber distributed data interface (FDDI) which has got the inherent capability to accommodate higher bandwidth and transmits the voice and data transfer which it covers a long distance. STP, in fact, does involve huge capital investments to bring it as a complete network system.

The cabling which connects the server to the data center

The data centers have been considered as the repository for database storage, which comprises of both the data and voice blended together and it is a higher version of the local database servers. It has been an ardent method of practice since long that both local area networks (LAN) and the storage area network (SAN) have been the contributing factor for the transmission of data from the server to the datacenters.

In the recent years, the Ethernet speeds ranging from 100-Gbit and above are potentially used in cabling towards the transmission.

You as a business entrepreneur who is earnestly looking forward to venturing into the digital journey of seamless network connectivity, please approach us at VRS Technologies and call us at +971 55 1683152 so that our network administering team could get in touch with you for your chosen objectives. Please visit our official website at for more details.


Virus Removal Service the proven semantics to curb viruses

Virus intrusion or the infection is the most vulnerable component for any computer systems, be it the laptop, iPads, MacBook to name a few and virus removal service becomes the most integral component to restore the healthy life span of the above mentioned gadgets.

virus removal service

The virus, if not monitored properly can lead to the overall performance of the computer systems in general. In the recent past, the virus intrusions have become so lethal that it tends to expose certain sensitive data stored on your computer to some potential threats.

The architecture of virus and its profound impact

The computer viruses are the human-designed disastrous weapon, which is aimed towards the overall destruction of the computer systems specifically towards the file systems.

Anecdote: As per a recent survey, it has come to limelight that certain virus have been specifically designed to disrupt the normal functioning of the computer system, thereby known to capture certain crucial database which is financially valuable to a company and in turn the designer of the virus asks for ransom remuneration to substantiate the data and this has proven to be a vulnerable threat.

  • The architecture of the virus has been so designed that it initially intrudes into the computer systems and eventually captures the sensitive data such as your bank account numbers and the subsequent passwords, with the advent of your e-transaction through net banking has made it possible for the hackers to decrypt the passwords when the user tries to log into, thereby though the virus the hacker is able to misuse the banking process of the victim successfully.
  • Virus has been known to completely paralyze the computer systems and makes it really tough to use the computer systems even for minor transactions.
  • In fact, viruses have been a major vulnerability to the enterprise organization, where the series of computers (in the form of workstations) are connected in the local area network (LAN) to the central server either in the form of peer-to-peer networking model or the client-server network. In fact, the virus has been found to be more aggressive in a LAN environment and becomes a handy tool for the hackers in terms of exposing the crucial data which is stored both in the workstations and the server system hence at times transferring the data to the hackers.

Virus Removal process

With the above-mentioned impacts of the virus intrusions or the infections, the computer user has to pro-actively get into the initiation of the virus removal process which would bring about certain virus removal service strategy that could ensure the longevity of the overall functionality of the computer systems.

  • Proven mechanisms of virus removal

In the recent times, the online virus removal has emerged as one of the virus removal mechanisms wherein there are numerous virus removal companies who initiate actively in the removal process and as a matter of fact, these companies are available 24/7 and round the clock.

  • Anti-virus software packages

There has been a phenomenal development over the constant evolution of the anti-virus software packages as they are able to persistently combat to the constant vulnerability of the virus and their subsequent nature.

At any moment of time, if your computer experiences a virus-setback, please approach us at VRS Technologies and call us at +971 55 1683152 so that our technical support team can get in touch with you. Please visit our official website at

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Anti-Spam Protection transitions as a major checkpoint towards protection

In the current trend of rapid digitization, the email has transitioned itself as the pivotal component of any enterprise organization and it is being considered as the most coveted primary mode of communication channel. In fact, email or the electronic mail has sometimes become the carrier of spam inclusions which could lead to certain malicious software intrusions which predominantly affect the computer systems in specific.

anti spam protection

The efficacy of anti-spam protection

Towards this, the anti spam protection has been used to refer to a category or a set of methodology which is used to detect spam mails or certain spam ads, thereby filtering it out and finally eradicating them and spyware has been considered as a malware which gets intruded in the computer system and the user is completely unaware of its intrusions.

Anecdote:  The anti-spam software has been designed in such a way that the software assists in blocking the spam much in advance, thereby ensuring that the spam does not reach the internal mail platform.  The anti spam software comprises within itself the anti-spam filter which filters the mails and then eventually moves the infected mail and moves it to a separate folder called spam.

The impact of unsolicited email with reference to the corporate malware infections

  • As an estimate, the infected spam email in the form of attachments arrives in the employee’s inboxes at the rate of 7 out of 10 emails. These 7 emails turn out to be a spam mail. These spam mails have been found very vulnerable to computer systems and have known to damage the crucial database which incidentally is carried by the computer system.
  • Spam have been profoundly known to impact the network traffic with reference to completely slow down the data packets which gets transmitted through the network cabling which connects the workstations.
  • These spam have been found to be very vulnerable on the network traffic, the network being affected by the spam ultimately makes the entire network traffic to a crawling state.

The efficacies of Anti-spam protection mechanisms

As a core component for spyware protection, the anti spam, which comprises of spam blocker apps, these blocker apps have got the inherent capability of protecting not just a single user accounts, but to the tune of multiple user account with just one anti spam apps installation in the system.

One of the ardent functionality of the spam blocker apps has been to persistently safeguard the email systems which a workstation receives in a typical day towards certain worms, viruses, Trojans to name a few. Apart from these vulnerabilities, the spam blocker apps have also become quite popular in the market to safeguard certain HTML based emails which are known to attack the user’s sensitive information

VRS Technologies have always been innovating newer methods to eradicate the anti spam protection mechanisms and have in the recent past have been quite successful in implementing the anti spam protection to numerous customers across the landscape.

If you are an enterprise organization and you are on the lookout for the complete anti spam protection for your computers and the entire corporate networks, please approach us at VRS Technologies. Please call us at +971 55 1683152 for more comprehensive support in this endeavor. Please visit our official website at for more information.


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Data backup solutions over the cloud have revolutionized enterprises.

In the recent years, there has been a constant debate among the enterprise organization with reference to their subsequent contingency plans to persistently safeguard their database in the form of data backup solutions. In simpler terms, the data backup solutions comprise of having multiple copies of the database (as similar to that of mirroring) in multiple servers.

Data backup solutions

The Data has been the most paramount importance to many enterprises and have been the basis for most other internal transactions within the organization.

It has indeed become very imperative to safeguard the organization’s data and in order to keep them safe for future retrieval; the company needs to adopt certain stringent mechanisms in place which could keep the data backup safe. As a part of the contingency plans being deployed in the enterprise organization, the significant contribution has been towards the persistently protect the data against the possible hardware failures and other natural disasters.

The cloud computing platform has emerged as best practices to protect the data

The cloud computing systems have been the recent inclusion in the market which brings about the best practices towards the proper protection to the data for the future retrieval.

The cloud backup services being provided by the cloud computing incorporates certain functions like the availability of data remotely, keeping the data center free from any setback and finally the data protection. The data protection being done by the cloud computing platforms have always been a very handy component for any business enterprises.

The modus operandi of the cloud computing service providers for data backup

In fact, there are few cloud computing players in the market who constantly provide the data backup services for numerous enterprises and also a few users. Some of the players in the market do provide unlimited storage and while others provide the limited edition.

The file retrieval processes vary from different cloud service providers depending on the kind of transfer speeds.

Types of Data backups to the cloud computing systems

There are two types of data backups happening

  • The incremental data backup: In simpler terms, an incremental backup is a process of copying the data which has undergone a change since the inception of the earlier backup.
  • The differential data backup: The differential backup is almost similar to the incremental one, as the differential backup would copy all the data changed from the previous backup.
  • The impact of cloud computing services on the data backup

    The cloud computing services have always enabled the enterprise organizations towards storing the database and the related computer files on the cloud server rather than storing on the local drives of the individual workstations, the advantages of cloud data backup services is that it does not need any external tape drives to have the backup done.

    VRS Technologies have always been in the limelight today, for implementing the data backup services for enterprise organizations thereby ensuring that the data is quite safe over a prolonged period of time. The cloud servers which are specifically used for data backup services are always monitored for any unwanted intrusions.

    If you are an enterprise organization and you are keen in having the data backup to be carried out in you premises, please approach us at VRS Technologies and call us at +971 55 1683152 for further initiatives. Please visit our official website at for more information.



Firewall Network Security emerged as a methodology to safeguard network

In the recent years, with the emergence of complete digitization among the enterprise organization which has brought in certain contingency methodologies in place such as the firewall network security which persistently prevents certain unauthorized access by certain malicious intrusions into the network systems such as the local area networks (LAN).

Firewall Network Security

Types of firewall network security systems

The firewall network system comprises two components such as

  • The firewall network security system in the form of a hardware component.
  • The firewall network security system in the form of software installations

The hardware version of firewall network security can be installed as a stand-alone system where it can be connected to a minimum of four network ports to connect other systems to a LAN. The hardware variant of the firewall network security system is the most ideal for a large enterprise organization where there are multiple workstations connected with each other in a peer-to-peer network system which finally connects the central server.

The software version of firewall network security can be installed on individual computer systems and further can be customized as per the specific customer. As a matter of fact, a software firewall protects the computer system from any intrusions in the network to have an access to your system.

Anecdote: At certain times, the computer systems when connected through the thin-client systems are sometimes prone to malicious intrusions which happen through the network system. A thin client completely depends on the server computer for its varied computational roles.

The modus operandi of firewall network security

Blocking of the malicious intrusions at the endpoint of an ISP

The firewall is a network security system which grants or rejects the network access to certain traffic flows between the certain untrusted zone (internet) and a trusted (LAN). The firewall network security filters the web traffic and blocks certain malicious software intrusions such as the malware, spyware and ransom ware at end point of internet service provider (ISP)

The functionality of the firewall in the networks

One of the most prominent techniques that a firewall possesses with it is the concept of packet filtering, wherein the firewall actually monitors the outgoing and incoming data packets and predominantly blocks certain malicious intrusions which otherwise gets into the IP addresses of the systems and their corresponding ports.

VRS Technologies have always been on a forefront in bringing about the firewall network security systems for numerous customers and safeguarding their internet and external network system free from malicious software intrusions. Our technical teams have been dealing with firewall network security for both the large organization and small and medium scale enterprises (SMB’s) across the landscape.

If your organization is earnestly looking forward for a firewall network security solution to be deployed at your premises, please approach us at VRS Technologies and call us at +971 55 1683152 for further initiatives. Please visit our official website at for more information.


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Endpoint Security Solution an imperative method to secure networks

In the fast evolving digital space, the endpoint security has become a major concern among the corporate organization and often the endpoint security solution can be considered as a methodology in itself to protect the corporate network from any threat intrusions which otherwise becomes a vital concern.

endpoint security solution

In the recent times, there has been an emergence of certain wireless gadgets which are getting piled up in the network environment alongside the connected workstations in the local area network (LAN) as individual endpoints or the terminals. It has turned up as a grave concern today with reference to Wireless LAN or simply put the WLAN, gadgets such as the laptops and a varied mobile devices have significantly contributed to certain security threats.

The sporadic need for endpoint security monitoring

With the above mentioned inclusion of wireless devices, it has almost become an imperative practice to have the endpoint security monitoring. In today’s emerging technology space, the endpoint security solution has turned up as a doctrine in itself and has been considered as the most important prerogative component for the client/server information security (IS) methodology.

The methodology becomes a practice in itself towards protecting the corporate network end points with reference to certain vital authentications.

The endpoint security solution as a precautionary strategy

The enterprise organization must protect itself from known and unknown cyber threats as well as the failures of traditional antivirus solutions, in order to prevent security breaches, some of the precautionary strategies are mentioned below:

The endpoint security solution for the web gateways

As an organization, one must be able to completely filter out the spam email which gets into the cloud platforms. The exchange server gateway has to be safeguarded with a powerful anti-virus, anti-malware or an integrated hybrid solution which completely governs the privacy and control over the on-premise network setup connecting the servers and workstations.

The security also concerns about certain endpoints where the access to the internet service provider (ISP) where the ISP itself becomes quite instrumental in the intrusions of malware, spyware and ransom ware. The system do calls for a premium and superior web threat protection.

The file server protection

With the above mentioned paragraph about gateway endpoint protection, the servers should also be safeguarded as these are also connected to the terminal endpoints in a network.

There becomes an ardent necessity to safeguard the windows server as a part of comprehensive endpoint security framework by properly securing the endpoints with appropriate anti-virus inclusion.

VRS Technologies have been the pioneers in seamlessly providing the endpoint security solution for numerous customers across the digital landscape. Our team is expertised in handling the endpoint security solution to clients and persistently securing them from any security threats.

If you are an enterprise organization and you are looking forward for an endpoint security solution for your premises, please approach us at VRS Technologies and call us at +971 55 1683152 so that our team could do the needful. Please visit our official website at for more information.


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Virus Removal Service the pivotal component to combat viruses

In the fast-paced digital world, where the internet access and leveraging the best out of internet has almost become indispensable, it sometimes transforms itself as a gateway to a spectrum of virus intrusions which could eventually invade your systems and persistently invoke itself in damaging your computer systems, both towards the hardware, software and predominantly the operating systems (OS) thereby making it malfunctional.

virus removal service

The virus removal service has been an ardent practice which involves the deployment of anti-virus or the anti-virus software which could initially diagnose, prevent and further remove it from the computer systems so that it remains healthy for a prolonged time period.

The architecture of Virus Removal Service

The architecture of the virus removal or the antivirus software has been designed in such a way that it triggers its control over the operating system kernels with reference to safeguarding your computer systems towards the virus setback.

Anecdote: Operating system Kernels has been considered as one of the central components for most computer systems with reference to the smooth functioning of the operating systems. To dwell much further into this in a nutshell, the kernel acts as an interface between the software applications and the related hardware to accomplish a particular task.

The advancement of technology

In the recent times, the virus removal service has been on the constant evolution as there are numerous computer users who intentionally develop certain software bugs or the viruses and then attempt to ruin some of the database servers in a company for their motives; with the advent of these the virus removal service has also evolved to persistently combat the virus setback.

The functionalities of the virus removal as a service

  • The anti-virus software initially performs the thorough scanning of the systems, thereby diagnosing the possibility of the malicious viruses in the systems.
  • In the event of the malware presence, the anti-virus software could be competent enough to combat and further eradicating the same for a healthy life of the operating system (OS)
  • The antivirus would further remove the viruses if any, which predominantly affects the system registry.
  • Further to this, the infected files and directories are cleansed properly and the severely affected files are being cropped permanently.

VRS Technologies have always been the pre-eminent player in the market with reference to dealing with virus, malware intrusions that keeps affecting the enterprise organization. Our expert team is constantly vigil in understanding the nature of the virus setback and eventually takes up the pro-active measures to safeguard the systems from these malicious attacks.

If your organization have a presumption of a possible virus setback and earnestly wanted to safeguard the computer system as a whole, please approach us at VRS Technologies and call us at +971 55 1683152 so that our team could do the needful. Please visit our official website at for more information.

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Fiber optic cable network the core network to transmit higher bandwidth

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the fiber optic cable network has transitioned itself as one of the core components among the large enterprises towards the transmission of the voice and data. Typically, the fiber optic cable incorporates the technology, which brings about the dynamic transmission of glass in the form of fiber threads which resembles the size and diameter of a human hair. The fiber threads are quite capable to transmit voice and data from one place to another in the format of modulated light waves.

fiber optic cable network

Anecdote: As per the recent analogy, the fiber optic cables are quite competent enough to accommodate within it the greater bandwidths which are beyond 100-Gbits/sec for a single mode and 50-Gbits/sec for multimode.

The fiber optic cable network architecture

Typically, the fiber optic cable network comprises of the component called as the optic cable core and this core carries the data transmission from one end to the other end. This core is encapsulated with layers of glass which is termed as cladding. The cladding plays an important role in safeguarding the glass and the safe transmission of the data.

Anecdote: The data transmission through fiber optic cables can be compared to that of a light emitting diode (LED’s), since light travels faster than any other medium and it is the same concept being used in fiber optic cabling and more importantly light is never hindered by any electromagnetic interference as compared to the copper cables.

Fiber optic cabling networks become the core component for data centers

The data centers are the central repository for data which integrates both voice and data together. These data centers receive these data transmissions from the servers on a persistent basis and in order to maintain the consistency in the network the fiber optic cabling plays an instrumental role. Since the fiber optic cabling is less prone to any sort of interference, it is typically used for data center connectivity.

Types of fiber optic cabling based on the transmission rates

The fiber optic cable is further comprised of two different fiber types:

  • The single mode fiber: The single-mode fiber cable accommodates within it a very thin glass strands which are quite capable of handling 100 Gbits/sec data transfer and typically uses the laser to generate light which is used in the data transmission. The single mode fiber is generally used in long-distance fiber transmission for data and voice.
  • The multimode fiber: The multimode fiber cable accommodates the light emitting diode (LED) to transmit the data. The multimode fiber cables are capable of handling 40Gbits/sec and are typically used to transmit the data for short distances.The fiber optic cabling can be broadly categorized on the basis of its structure going further with the single mode fiber and multitude fiber:
  • FTTP is abbreviated as Fiber to the premises; it is the core component of multimode fiber
  • FTTB is abbreviated as Fiber to the building; it is the core component of single mode fiber.

    Benefits of Fiber optics for enterprise

  • The larger organizations always require the higher data transmissions since it runs the web applications which at times require high bandwidth capacity and to compensate this, the fiber cables which render more than 100 Gbps are quite beneficial to enable the companies to sustain itself in the digitized world.
  • The second most ardent reason is that the fiber optic cabling is less prone to any hindrances as compared to the conventional copper cables.

    VRS Technologies have been persistently working in the areas of fiber optic cabling and its profound architecture in connecting the on-premises through multimode FTTP and connecting buildings through single-mode FTTB.

 If your organization is earnestly looking forward to a fiber optic cable network in your enterprise organization,   please approach us at VRS Technologies and call us at +971 55 1683152 so that our team can take the further initiative. Please visit our official website at for more details.



Spyware Malware Removal a pivotal component to eliminate threats

In the recent times, there has been quite lots of ongoing security threats among the corporate world and there has been a myriad of spyware malware removal programs which are specifically designed to eradicate these malicious software intrusions which has got a predominant impact on the database of the computer system as a whole.

spyware malware removal

As per a recent analogy, some of the malware intrusions are quite deceptive, as these intrusions are generally not found during the anti-malware software scan and there at times that some of the windows malware removal and antivirus tools often becomes an obsolete or incomplete program to run with.

Impact of Spyware threats

Spyware has been found to be a threat for the users towards his personal information such as the login, password and other credentials. It can have a proven impact in taking up the background internet connections. The systems affected by spyware often would not be in a position to open up any web page and it sometimes disables the network settings.

Spyware and its profound impact

Spyware has been categorized as a malware intrusion program which gets into the system which is completely unknown by the user, as it can descend upon with an unauthorized downloading of certain music files or an unauthorized downloading of certain information from the search engines. Spyware normally does not appear to be active in the beginning, but slowly tends to invade and predominantly damaging your crucial database or attempting to monitor your secret passwords.

Some of the known spyware parasites that are quite perfidious in nature are mentioned below:

  • Security Bytes 2015
  • HDD Repair
  • Windows AntiBreach Module

Spyware removal

As mentioned above, the spyware is some of the most vulnerable viruses that cannot be perceived with your normal anti-virus program. However, there are certain special anti-spyware tools (spyware removers) which are quite capable to initially scan the system in a similar way as compared to the advanced security software’s.

Some of the most powerful spyware removers and their significance


  • Reimage can check the chronic windows errors if any.
  • Checks for the file corruption problems such as the DLL’s (Dynamic link library)
  • It predominantly checks over the repeated crashes and freezes.
  • Monitoring the BSOD’s (Blue screens of death)

 Plumbytes Anti-malware

  • Malware detection
  • Spyware detection
  • Bowser anti-hijack protection

VRS Technologies have always been in the limelight towards their protection and proper safeguarding of the computer systems towards the vulnerable spyware and malware intrusions and their subsequent attack on the systems. We have been successful in eliminating the spyware attacks in an enterprise organization and ensuring them that the database is quite safe for future retrieval.

If your organization has been prone to spyware and malware setbacks, please approach us at VRS Technologies and call us at +971 55 1683152 so that our technical team could get in touch with you for your endeavors. Please visit out official website at for more information.

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Virus and Malware Removal the coveted process for malicious eradication

In the recent years, there has been a constant upsurge of digitization among the large enterprise organizations and the most coveted component has always been towards the obliteration of the malicious software and sometimes treating the malicious infected machines alone are not the strategy alone to completely annihilate the malicious intrusions in the entire enterprise. The virus and malware removal has been the stringiest strategy which needs to be applied for in order to free oneself from the setback.

Spyware malware removal

Symptomatic diagnosis over the virus and malware intrusions

In certain scenarios, most organizations often presume that treating the malware infections as an independent occurrence in the particular workstation or the single stand-alone system is quite enough and seldom tends to overlook and further go with a presumption that the malware infection has been completely eradicated with certain anti-virus packages, but often these presumption often lead to disastrous results in the overall system and network performance.

In today’s scenario, combating malware attacks in an enterprise organization does not confine alone with finding certain suspicious programs which keep running on the servers and workstations, but also need to understand the malware which keeps getting transmitted over the network.

Methods of prevention

As an analogy, one needs to completely analyze the network infrastructure to eradicate the malicious intrusion and their subsequent attacks. Certain inherent planning of virus and malware removal are mentioned below:

  • Install and maintain a modern anti-virus suite such as Malware bytes anti-malware, bit defender internet security to name a few in the network system so that the terminals connected to the workstations also remain protected. This is particularly implemented in the organization which substantially holds more than 20 computers.
  • One should consider using the security suite, which allows administering the malware, anti-malware centrally on the server and safeguarding the entire workstation in the network. This would work with an organization which runs with 10-20 computers.
  • The folder level protection of the operating system configuration would always ensure that the setup files of an OS are safe.
  • One needs to have an insight of what software is installed and further allowed to run
  • Installation of the anti-virus and anti-spyware for smaller organizations.

VRS Technologies have always been in the limelight with reference to bringing about the latest trends towards the innovative trends with reference to the virus and malware removal process across the enterprise organization in the landscape. We have successfully been able to eradicate the malicious intrusions which affect the systems and networks.

If you are an organization who are earnestly looking forward to the virus and malware removal in your enterprise or been the victim of the virus and malware infections, please approach us at VRS Technologies and call us at +971 55 1683152 so that our virus and malware eradication team could assist you with your further endeavors. Please visit our official website at for more information.

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