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Anti-virus protection parameters to secure your systems

In today’s scenario, there has been a huge estimation of users across the landscape that have been predominantly using their computer systems and a varied range of mobile devices such as the smart phones to mention a few for certain information through the internet. This constant browsing of internet has led to the accumulation of data; this accumulated data has turned up a crucial component for an organization.

In this particular situation, it became quite evident to secure the data and in this particular realm the anti-virus protection systems have emerged as an efficient data protection methods in the market today. These anti-virus protection systems plays a pivotal role towards diagnosing the virus or the malware attack and possibly enable the virus free zone to further empower the computer and the other associated device to function at the optimum level without any possible slowdown.

Parameters that make the antivirus protection work efficiently

anti virus protection

Ensuring that the antivirus software is updated on a day to day basis

In today’s scenario, the virus and malware have proven to evolve as the most powerful entity being designed to create havocs and in this particular situation, the antivirus software also gets equally powerful to combat these virus attacks and possibly ensure that the computer systems are kept free from any havocs, which otherwise becomes an economical loss for the enterprise.

The operating systems (OS) and other software’s needs to be updated from time to time

  • As an analogy, one needs to understand that most of the virus intrusions in the recent past have known to create havoc to the computer systems and had particularly impacted the operating systems (OS).
  • The effected operating systems in the course of a viral attack turn out to become malfunctioned and thereby becoming absolutely irreparable entity.
  • Needless to mention that it becomes absolutely imperative to keep the operating systems updated and also enable the updates that keeps happening in the OS so that the systems can work seamlessly.

Implementation of firewall security software’s along with anti-virus protection

  • Firewall systems have been considered as a barrier between the computer systems and the internet gateway and the efficacy of the firewall systems has always remained a significant parameter towards blocking the hacks and the possible data breaches.
  • Hence, the antivirus protection along with the firewall systems has been in place to provide the complete system protection.

Preventing our computer systems with reference to browsing certain risk prone sites

  • As a precautionary measures, one should always ensure that; it is always a viable option to browse through certain prohibited sites or a site without the proper HTTPs.
  • Since the sites which falls under non trusted website, are quite proven to create havocs.

VRS Technologies have always played a key role in providing the relevant security parameters for the computer systems. We have gained a unique reputation in the market today in bringing about the most recent trends of safekeeping of computer systems be it as a stand-alone system or be it as a workstation which is connected to the local area network (LAN) and the central server. Please approach us for any anti-virus protection and call us at +971 55 1683152 and visit us at

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Unified Security Management brings comprehensive strategy for enterprises

The internet world of today has become very much cluttered as there are thousands of users accessing the information through them and in this particular threshold the internet has in fact become the gateway to bring about spectrum of malicious intrusions in the form of viruses, worms, malicious code, spyware which has been bringing about disruptions to the normal services and has led to certain potential threats to the business process.

unified security management

Under the realm of unified security management (USM), the companies are able to meet the unique security needs of the enterprises both at the mid-level and the large enterprises.

  • It provides a comprehensive level of visibility which enables organizations to detect emerging threats across their environment, respond quickly to possible incidents and conduct thorough investigations.
  • USM has been enabling the organizations as a whole to elevate the security and their effectiveness and also equipping and arming the IT teams to constantly combating the threat and facilitating a clean threat free ecosystem.

The role of unified security management (USM)

  • The threat caused by the internet sometimes goes unnoticed by the business owners and this indeed raises a concern for the most of the medium to large enterprises.
  • The unified security management has completely evolved itself and have been able to bring about the integrated solution coupled with the latest technology in place to safeguard the network infrastructure, the server management, the workstations, the data centers to name a few.
  • The unified security management brings about certain facets of security competencies which becomes the core component to monitor the systems, the software applications which essentially runs on the network system and are often shared among the users to enhance the work productivity.
  • The most important efficacy of the USM as a system has been its impeccability to identify threats across the networks and flags out certain suspicious behavior in the network and also predominantly indicates the compromised system.

Strategies of Unified security management

Intrusion detection system (IDS) as a core  strategy of Unified Security Management has been put in place which delivers the intrusion detection for the critical IT infrastructure as an ecosystem. The IDS has been able to provide the comprehensive protection systems specifically onto the cloud platform; thereby have been proven to scale up the productivity among the corporate by delivering higher outputs.

Intrusion prevention systems (IPS) has been one more strategy of USM which aims to secure organizations against malware, Trojan attacks, malicious code transmission within the network system.

VRS Technologies have been in the security industry since decade and are constantly pioneering itself in this the security realm and quite instrumental in bringing about secured ecosystem for enterprises and also focusing more on the SME’s and SMB’s across the landscapes. Please call us at 0971 4 3866001 and visit us at

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How Backup and Disaster Recovery elicits as a safeguard to data loss?

Data is the most important asset in today’s digital economical world and the data base managements has got a crucial role to play in the financial sectors such as banks which takes care of certain extensive measures to constantly safeguard  this vital asset.

backup and disaster recovery

The disasters are considered as one of the most inevitable and sometimes unpredictable which can completely vary as per the type and the magnitude; the only possible way to effectively bring about the best strategy is to have the backup and disaster recovery plan which could eventually bring back the organization back to normalcy and also could restore back the lost data within a stipulated time period.

The impact of disaster to the business operations

If one can consider the impact of disaster; it holds very big for a business operations where the crucial component is the data and the loss of the same results in the significant revenue loss to the organization. As an analogy, one needs to have a good backup and disaster recovery plan for the business subsystem and the subsequent operations to leap into the normal functioning.

The backup and the recovery strategy as a contingency plan to revive

The backup and disaster recovery has been considered as a crucial contingency plan in itself and completely aimed towards ensuring that the data is safeguarded properly so that one can easily come out successfully after the data lapse. The strategy as a methodology in itself plays a key role in restoring back the business operations and also adhering to certain strategic compliances which seemed to be a deemed necessary to continued business work flow.

What are the causes and reasons for the data loss?

  • Human error: Human errors such as the accidental or probably unknowingly deletion of data.
  • File corruption: Due to over writing of the files which also leads to data loss or data corrupt.
  • Hardware problems: Hardware problems such as the CPU failures, hard disk malfunctioning
  • Electrical fluctuations: Fluctuations which leads to the damage of storage mediums
  • Server redundancy problems: Server redundancy problems due to the certain software malfunctioning.
  • Systems infected with virus: Viruses can also be the culprit for the data loss as they completely disfigure the data.

Crisis Management Plan or the CMP for the safeguard of the data

The crisis management plan has become one of the proven contingency management plans being implemented by most of the corporates today and perfectly aims to have an actionable data backup and disaster recovery methodology in place.

This is seen as the major yardstick in having the backup of the data recurrently to save the data for future retrieval. VRS Technologies have been the pioneers in the business world to have come out with contingency plans towards potentially keeping the data safe under any disaster.

At any given point of time, if you are looking forward for the strategic contingency plans for your organization with reference to the backup and recovery solution Dubai, do approach us for the same at VRS Technologies and call us at 971551683152 and visit us at at

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Anti Virus protection initiatives as the parameters for the system protection

In today’s digital revolution, there are numerous internet savvy users who have been completely prone to various types of internet browsing for varied purposes and in this particular horizon they are also equally prone to certain vulnerability of the virus threats.

anti virus protection

In this particular paradigm, it has almost become very imperative for these users to bring about certain anti-virus protection initiatives for their systems well-in hand and to constantly protect their systems. The protection initiatives becomes like a contingency plans for the subsequent safeguard of the database which keeps accumulating over the period of time and become the yardstick for future retrieval.

Anecdote: In fact, the virus threats have become so vulnerable that it shows a predominant impact even when the users are performing certain mundane tasks such as checking the email or for that matter even downloading the email attachment.

As per the recent news from a reliable Reuters: The antivirus application which is meant to protect the computer systems ardently been found to have traces of computer virus which in turn becomes instrumental to harm the computer systems as in comparison to the other typical computer virus that does exist.

The profound impact of computer virus

As an analogy one can understand that the computer viruses of today contribute to nearly 70-80% of data loss each year and this ratio is substantially increasing day-in and day-out. This particular ratio predominantly makes the performance parameter to low. The modern day virus have become very vulnerable in the sense that it has become like a special application which is specifically designed to gain their entry into the computer’s memory and probably help the hackers to steal certain crucial financial database.

Parameters required assessing the anti-virus protection initiatives

When choosing the anti-virus protection programs, it becomes absolutely recommendable to initiate oneself to do some research with reference to the vendor who is providing the antivirus programs. More the success rate of the vendor, more is the chance that your system remains healthy with the kind of software that is being installed and meticulously monitored throughout.

Some of the potential yardsticks of anti-virus protection initiatives:

  • The extent of the antivirus program initiative should be in such a way that; once you install the program it needs to automatically starts monitoring once the system is turned on.
  • The program should be monitored continuously so that the application can diagnose any viruses which are attempting to intrude in the system either through mails or when subjected to download files.
  • In fact, one can say that a good antivirus protection initiative could presumably detect any viruses and instantly notify the user instantly and once notified the application should be in position to remove them from the system before spreads its havoc.

When attempting to choose the antivirus protection programs, make sure that the program ardently protects the system on a constant basis. VRS Technologies have been in the cyber security realm since decade and have become the tag name for most of the corporate in terms of protection initiatives. Please approach us for any antivirus protection initiatives irrespective of the size of the organization and call us at 971551683152. Please visit us at

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Firewall Security turns as a technical amalgamation to protect network

Firewalls are the network devices which brings about the enforcement of a security policy within the organization’s network connectivity

In the recent past firewalls have undergone a completely new trend towards safeguarding the organizational network ecosystem on par with the set security parameters to completely eradicate the entry of malicious intrusions which could otherwise lead to massive destruction hence create havocs.

firewall network security

The crucial efficacies of the firewall network security

  • Firewall network security has become an amalgamation of technological implementation which involves the filtering out the data at the end-points.
  • Firewalls often face a unique challenge in the current organizations as some of the emerging technologies such as the virtual private network (VPN), peer-to-peer networking.
  • The VPN’s and peer-to-peer networking have been constantly posing as a vital threat to the firewall systems as these forms of emerging technologies often pave way for the intrusions to happen.

Anecdote: Firewalls have often been considered as one of the security policies which brings about certain rules and becomes the determining factor to filter out which particular network traffic could get into the network system. The security policy constantly restricts the use of certain applications, remote machines which are being connected or else could even move further in limiting the bandwidth.

The modus operandi of the firewall network security paradigms

In fact one can understand the firewall systems as a potential safe guarder of the network system by external attacks. Often, the exercise involves in-depth scrutiny of the data packets which enter the network system and further filters and rejects those packets which are found to be malicious or which do not often meet the parameters of security.

The major limitation of the firewall systems is that it does not have the capabilities enough to protect the data which is already being transmitted from one network IP to the other network IP. The firewalls under the governance of security socket layer or the SSL have become the major methodology to constantly monitor the communication stream which happens through the various entry points being connected to the internet.

The process work-flow of firewall at times becomes cumbersome

As an analogy, one needs to understand that the process of technically configuring the firewall systems as per the IP protocols is a complicated process and frequently prone to errors. One should be quite cautious in terms of the implementation and deploying the network firewall system, a poorly configured network firewall often leads to some of the major security threats.

In this particular horizon, the VRS Technologies have been spearheading itself in shaping up as a new revolution in the firewall network security implementation and if you are the entity which requires the firewall setup do be implemented at your end please approach us at VRS Technologies and call us at +971 55 1683152 and visit us at


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How Virus and Malware been the specific programs impacting the system

Technically, the virus and malware are the specific programs that are designed intentionally to perform certain unauthorized tasks which are generally categorized harmful to the active functioning of the computer systems, laptops and many such gadgets including the smart phone categories.

virus and malware removal

Viruses and malware in general does not exist as a stand-alone files or programs but requires a host to conduct the disastrous impact; they completely depend on the host file or the user interaction to spread through the networks system and to cause the havoc.

Viruses and malware and its impacts

Viruses and their predominant impact over the master boot sector

In fact, some of the virus strains have been designed in such a way that it shows a predominant impact on the master boot sector found on the hard drives and many other external storage systems. As a matter of fact, these boot sector viruses have been known to infect the machines irrespective of the kind of operating systems or the OS that is loaded onto.

The virus could possibly get into the system through certain terminal ends such as the yesteryears floppy discs (which has completely become obsolete in today’s market trend), USB pluggins, terminal ends of the network system which connected to the local area network (LAN), Wireless Local area network (WLAN).

In this case, the virus and malware removal becomes apparently important and it almost becomes quite vulnerable if the virus spread increases.

Virus impacting the executable programs and their possible removal brings back normalcy

There are certain strains of viruses which predominantly impacts the executable programs such as the EXE or COM. In general, the computer systems or the laptops affectively function with these to executable programs and if the virus attacks these two programs, the susceptibility of the system weakens quite a bit and the only possible remedy is to remove the virus and malware

Memory resident viruses completely slows down the system performance

There are certain strains of viruses which gets their positions in the memory and slowly impact the system performance as a whole. One should understand that memory is the most crucial component which plays an active role towards any sort of new software or hardware installations. When these memory resident viruses show its impact on the memory, they bring down the performance of the system thereby making it quite cumbersome to even perform a basic task.

The removal of memory resident viruses do brings about the enhancements to the system performance.

Virus and malware removal has been a practice which always ensures the system performance to perform at their optimum best and in this particular horizon, VRS Technologies has been constantly innovating newer ideas to enable the system to be completely virus and malware free for long-sustained life. If you are one of the user who is constantly facing the threat of virus and malware do approach us at VRS Tech and call us at 971551683152 and visit us at


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