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By | August 11, 2016

Spyware Removal – Spyware Cleanup Service Dubai, UAE

spyware malware removal;

Anti Spyware Protections Services in Dubai

If notorious brains are smart then you need to be smarter…install anti-spyware to prevent attack

Some enemies do not come with gun in hands but still can bring in a lot of harm; one among them is ‘Spyware’. A spyware is a malicious program that empowers a person to have access to the data of another’s PC by transmitting information secretly from their hard drive. Spyware can come in different faces – Trojans, system monitors, tracking cookies or adware and can do much beyond just collecting data like interfere with the controls or modify the settings of your computer resulting in slow internet connection or unauthorized modifications in software or browser settings. Knowing about the consequences, it is very important to install a spyware removal tool to keep your system safe.

Mansoor’s case – A lesson for everyone

In the fall of year 2012, a case was reported from a resident named Mansoor from Dubai who had unknowingly clicked on a mail saying ‘very important’ from a sender he thought he knew. The spyware was a western surveillance tool that was so powerful that it could turn on the microphones and the web camera and access the documents from the hard drive.

Since then he had beaten twice by the criminals who had gathered all the information about his campaigns citizens’ civil rights in UAE.

This is just one case, but many people fall a prey of spyware. The reasons are spyware enablers send flawed products in the market and when these are used by the users then the devices become vulnerable to attacks. Other reason is that users do not take sufficient care to protect their PCs and gadgets or are not careful while opening a suspicious mail or pop-up, that open doors for the intruders to do the malicious business.

Thus, it is very important to install proper anti-spyware so as to not let the spyware enablers succeed in their dirty intentions.

Anti-spyware – A ‘must-have’ tool for protecting computers and gadgets

The spyware removal software is like an invisible cloak that protects your devices from the malicious activities. In Dubai and UAE there are many good companies that provide such solutions to the users. They can do things like:

  • Remove all the known threats from the computers
  • Run security scans manually
  • Incorporate fundamental safety parameters
  • Troubleshoot any safety issue that arises
  • Remove the Trojans, worms, spywares, if any from the computers
  • Guide you with tips to prevent attacks
  • Brief you about the actions to be performed to eliminate the threats
  • Install important system updates
  • Clean up temporary files /registry/taskbar shortcuts/ menu/ quick launch

Anti-spyware is the weapon against the attacks as it helps to safeguard the devices from the suspicious activities. Besides, installing them, a user has to be responsible on his own that he should not access any mail, message or ads that seems undesirable. Prevention is after all a key to safety!

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