Annual maintenance contract for server becomes an indispensable entity.

By | October 18, 2017

Annual maintainance contract server

Servers are generally considered as the central repository which is well connected to the multiple workstations through the local area network (LAN). Servers are also considered as the heart of the network system and its architecture incorporated into the hardware and software which is custom tailored to comply the varied computing needs of the enterprise organization.

The Annual maintenance contract becomes the primordial mandatory for servers

Since the server houses the crucial database within it, the annual maintenance contract for servers becomes the mandatory practice so that all the workstations which are connected to the servers are also equally maintained properly.

The annual maintenance service providers are always on their initiative to keep the servers healthy for a prolonged period of time without any possible setback.

Annual maintenance contract for servers includes the following procedural methods

Assessment of the hard disk space :

Hard Disk (HD) becomes an important component where all the setup files are being stationed; the assessment made on the hard disk space becomes a very important practice in determining the interim problems associated with the space problems. As a part of the annual maintenance, the service providers are constantly vigil in monitoring the storage space of the HD before planning to install certain software patches which are designed to render the optimal health of the server system.

Checking server log files in a network:

The checking of the server files in a network is one of the most pivotal practices as this ensures that, there are no corrupted files which may prove to be vulnerable for various anomalies if any. As a general practice, the maintenance service provider constantly checks for the server log files and clears the history of certain unrelated log files which frequently gets accumulated.

Examining the folder permissions on the server:

As per the client-server architecture, the server holds the mantle of administrating multiple workstations towards their specific requisitions in the network. Constant monitoring of the folders becomes absolutely necessary and added to that monitoring the folder permissions become absolutely mandatory to ensure the network security.

Installation and the updating the antivirus in the network:

As a precautionary measure, the installation and constant updating of the antivirus become absolutely necessary to protect the server and the network which connects the multiple workstations.

VRS Technologies have always been on an edge to constantly monitor the server system for any possible redundancy, our team has been constantly ready with the appropriate software patches which could further ensure that the database on the servers is always safe.

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