Anti-Virus Protection-a must for Computers

By | August 11, 2017

Anti virus protection

A computer is the store house of a huge amount of data, stored in the form of files and documents. Now- a-days, it is quite common to see computers affected by viruses sent by hackers for false means such as to exploit the data. This might end up in the loss of the important files or documents. The anti-virus protection will ensure the overall protection from the viruses. It can easily detect the virus and delete the infected files.

Here are the different ways a virus can attack you:

Entertaining video

Certain times, you are sent a video and instructed to open it and once it is done; the computer is attacked by virus, which starts erasing the damaged files and documents.

Attachments or links from spoofed emails

Spoof mails are one of the most common ways of sending virus into the system. These emails appear to be coming from a legitimate source but in reality contain harmful links or attachments. Once you open them, your computer will be susceptible to a virus. The emails are so finely designed that even for an expert manager it might appear like a harmless mail.

Downloading software from sites

Many believe there is a possibility of virus attack when software is downloaded only from inappropriate websites but virus is spread all over the internet. Even from the most trusted source, there can be clever traps laid by hackers.

Ads online

Online ads are another way of infecting your system with virus. Genuine ads are placed on trusted websites and allowed to be seen until they are trusted. After a while, a malicious code appears in the ad and when clicked on, attacks your system with virus.

Although avoiding some are in our hands, some may be unavoidable. It is usually safe to stay away from such traps. Anti-virus protection is equally necessary alongside it.

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