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Structured fiber cabling transition as the carrier for higher bandwidths

structured fiber cabling

Structured Fiber Cabling: In the rapidly evolving digital world, the structured fiber cabling has undergone a massive change in terms of its technical architecture, in the past numerous companies across the landscape were handling the different formats of structured cabling for different types of internal cable connectivity such as the following

  • Cabling for connecting the local area network (LAN)
  • Cabling to connect the ISP (Internet Service Provider) to the LAN.
  • LAN to the central server
  • Cable connecting the central server to data center
  • The cable connecting the IP phones.
  • In the recent times, the structured cabling has emerged as a perfect solution to connect across the entire IT setup in an enterprise organization.

    The efficacy of structured fiber cabling towards data centers

    Structured fiber cabling has been predominantly deployed as a major connectivity to the data center as these structured fiber cabling has been attributed to accommodate more network bandwidth. Essentially, these network bandwidth could be the blend of both voice and data packets in them.

    Cloud computing and its profound impact on the structured fiber cabling

    Cloud computing has become the most recent buzzword in the enterprise organization and many more companies across the landscape are getting on the bandwagon of having the cloud computing paradigm in their premises.

    Anecdote: In general, the cloud computing is known to accommodate more bandwidth within them and the structured cabling which is significantly being deployed to connect the various terminals should be able to combat the network traffic threshold

    The structured fiber cabling has been known to house the network traffic much beyond the 100 Gbps in a cloud computing.

    Structured fiber cabling has its profoundness in long distance data transfer

    Structured fiber cabling has been the boon for numerous business entrepreneurs who have multiple offices across the landscape and the connectivity between both these places are most effectively done by the structured fiber cabling systems. The second aspect of the fiber cabling has been towards persistently carrying the higher bandwidths (data rates), in the conventional cabling system, the cable is made of metal wires. These metal wires are always prone to certain electromagnetic interference. The structured fiber cabling and its internal structure are made of fibers, so the bandwidth is completely unaltered.

    VRS Technologies have been the pioneers in handling the structured fiber cabling and its varied applications which are being deployed on the client side. In this endeavor, VRS Technologies have been able to successfully deploy the structured fiber cabling for many large corporate setups who completely depend on the internal cabling system for their bandwidth related accomplishments such as connectivity to the server.

    In the event that you are earnestly looking forward to a structured fiber cabling in your organization, please approach us at VRS Technologies and call us at +971 55 1683152 so that our technical team can take things further and successfully deploy the structured cabling at their premises.

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Firewall Network Security the crucial component to safeguard Enterprises

Firewall in the recent times has evolved itself as a complete network security device which constantly monitors the network traffic and ensures that the network traffic in turn is free of any possible intrusions of the virus and malware onto the network system.

The firewall network security has become an important core component in an enterprise organization which safeguards the internal network systems essentially a local area network (LAN) which ardently connects the multiple workstations to the central server.

The firewall has always played a key role in the fine filtering the internet service provider (ISP) connectivity to the LAN systems.

Firewall and its profound efficacy

In the recent years, the ardent need for firewall network security has constantly evolved in an enterprise organization as it has proven to block the intrusion of the virus and malware threats onto the internal network system.

As a matter of fact, most firewalls are being specifically deployed in the form of network hardware which scrutinizes the network traffic inflow and in turn permit the end users to configure and manage the system.

As far as the cloud computing and virtualizations are concerned, the preference is more towards the software based network firewalls, which in fact enforces secured network and blocks the virus and malware setbacks in the public cloud.

Firewall and its profound influence on the data centers

For a large enterprise organization, the data center becomes the pivotal entity for the enterprise organization with reference to being a repository of the organization’s data within it and which also drastically incorporates the best practices of virtualization and software-defined networking. The firewall has always been the most crucial core component which persistently safeguards the network infrastructure which predominantly connects the workstations to the data centers.

The Web Application firewall and its insightful influence on the web servers

The web application firewall or the (WAF) has been quite instrumental in getting deployed as a hardware device which safeguards the server systems. The WAF is an intelligent system which persistently intercepts the network web traffic and scrutinizes them before it touches the server system. The WAF system could eventually block the web traffic, thereby challenging the visitor with certain authentication methods so that there is no illicit traffic that comes into the network system.

VRS Technologies have always been the pioneer with reference to innovating new methods of firewall security and in turn involve in the deployment of the same in the LAN systems. Our technical team has got a profound expertise in successful implementation and they further ensure that your entity is digitally safeguarded against any illicit intrusions.

In the event that your organization is earnestly looking forward to the firewall deployment, please approach us at VRS Technologies and call us at +971 55 1683152 so that our technical team dealing with firewall could assist you for your required endeavors.

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Computer AMC Services contribute to the commercial benefit


computer amc service

In the recent years, the computer AMC services have gained much popularity towards the proper upkeep of the computer systems and the related peripherals to enable them to give a prolonged lifespan. In general, the computer Annual Maintenance Contract AMC services are a written contract agreement between the technical service provider and the customer and it incorporates the regular maintenance of both the hardware and software in the premises.

On the contrary, the AMC also covers the fixing of certain ardent problems that keep arising from the system every now and then due to the prolonged usage.

Commercial benefits of the AMC

For most corporate’s the AMC has become the cost-effective solution as it significantly cuts down on the cost of the repairing expenses when a technical person comes to resolve the problem when on a call in basis. The most ardent component of AMC has been that some of the hardware components could be easily replaced during the AMC period itself.

Anecdote: As a matter of fact, the companies need not have to pay huge expenses that are normally incurred when a system requires an immediate service.

Some of the main facets of AMC have been mentioned below:

  • AMC constantly ensures the optimum conditions in a system throughout the tenure of AMC
  • In general, the technical solutions provider engages in providing the genuine OEM spare parts.
  • In the recent times, there has been a significant threat due to the malware and spyware setback, this problem can be easily attended to by the service technician under the AMC belt.
  • In certain cases, the AMC could even involve the technical person to be stationed at the office premises further ensuring that there are no major hindrances during the computation workflow

VRS Technologies have always been on a threshold towards attending to an ongoing technical problem from numerous customers across and have taken up as a main prerogative to attend to the technical glitch when during the AMC, please call on +971 55 1683152 for more information about the service. Please visit our official website at

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What are Annual Maintenance Contract Services?

Why the annual maintenance contract for hardware and servers is essential



Annual maintenance contract for server becomes an indispensable entity.

Annual maintainance contract server

Servers are generally considered as the central repository which is well connected to the multiple workstations through the local area network (LAN). Servers are also considered as the heart of the network system and its architecture incorporated into the hardware and software which is custom tailored to comply the varied computing needs of the enterprise organization.

The Annual maintenance contract becomes the primordial mandatory for servers

Since the server houses the crucial database within it, the annual maintenance contract for servers becomes the mandatory practice so that all the workstations which are connected to the servers are also equally maintained properly.

The annual maintenance service providers are always on their initiative to keep the servers healthy for a prolonged period of time without any possible setback.

Annual maintenance contract for servers includes the following procedural methods

Assessment of the hard disk space :

Hard Disk (HD) becomes an important component where all the setup files are being stationed; the assessment made on the hard disk space becomes a very important practice in determining the interim problems associated with the space problems. As a part of the annual maintenance, the service providers are constantly vigil in monitoring the storage space of the HD before planning to install certain software patches which are designed to render the optimal health of the server system.

Checking server log files in a network:

The checking of the server files in a network is one of the most pivotal practices as this ensures that, there are no corrupted files which may prove to be vulnerable for various anomalies if any. As a general practice, the maintenance service provider constantly checks for the server log files and clears the history of certain unrelated log files which frequently gets accumulated.

Examining the folder permissions on the server:

As per the client-server architecture, the server holds the mantle of administrating multiple workstations towards their specific requisitions in the network. Constant monitoring of the folders becomes absolutely necessary and added to that monitoring the folder permissions become absolutely mandatory to ensure the network security.

Installation and the updating the antivirus in the network:

As a precautionary measure, the installation and constant updating of the antivirus become absolutely necessary to protect the server and the network which connects the multiple workstations.

VRS Technologies have always been on an edge to constantly monitor the server system for any possible redundancy, our team has been constantly ready with the appropriate software patches which could further ensure that the database on the servers is always safe.

In the event that you are looking forward to the Annual maintenance contract for Servers, please approach us at VRS Technologies and call us at +971 55 1683152 so that our support team could bring about the maintenance for your servers and the network. Please visit our official website at for more information on the maintenance contracts.



Network cabling Dubai transforms as a finest mode of communication

Network Cabling Dubai

Network cabling has been the finest medium through which both the internal and external communications happen in enterprise premises. In the recent times, the Network cabling Dubai has undergone a drastic change and has incorporated the voice and data as a major component within to enhancing the communication system with the introduction of VoIP range of phones.

Network Cabling Architecture :

Network cabling which connects the multiple workstations

In a large enterprise, the network cabling has been playing a major role in the connectivity of the client-server architecture, which typically encompasses the multiple workstations to be connected to the central server through local area network (LAN). In general, the connectivity that happens through the LAN carries limited bandwidth and typically works like a quota system for each user working on this terminal.

Network cabling which connects the internet service provider (ISP) to the LAN

In the recent years, the VoIP has brought with it a completely new trend of a communication channel through the internet protocol (IP) thereby saving huge revenue for the enterprise organization for their seamless connectivity over the voice. These VoIP has been quite instrumental in connecting multiple offices across the continents with much disruption to the data packets.

Network cabling connecting to the data center

One has to always understand that, the data center is the one which is a repository for the crucial data and has been specifically used to store the crucial data which is a combination of both the voice and data together, so typically the cabling which connects from the LAN to the data centers accommodate a higher bandwidth which can carry these two vital components for a prolonged period of time.

Networking cable connecting the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

In the recent years, the VoIP has brought with it a completely new trend of a communication channel through the internet protocol (IP) thereby saving huge revenue for the enterprise organization for their seamless connectivity over the voice. These VoIP has been quite instrumental in connecting multiple offices across the continents with much disruption to the data packets.

VRS Technologies have been predominantly working on the network cabling methodologies and have been deploying the best practices of network cabling in Dubai, UAE. We have been bestowed with certified engineers who constantly monitor the network and the inherent network data flow all the time and have been quite instrumental in resolving the hindrance at every possible time.

In the event that your company is looking forward to aligning the network in the organization, please approach us at VRS Technologies and call us at +971 55 1683152 so that our technical team could assist you in your desired endeavor. Please visit our official website at for more information.



Backup and Disaster Recovery been ardent groundwork to protect Data

In today’s evolving digital trend, the data has been considered as one of the key components which clearly define the success of a company towards adhering to the organization’s workflow.

backup and disaster recovery

Data Protection transforms itself as vital checkpoint

Towards this endeavor, data protection has also been tremendously sprouting itself in the last couple of years and has hence become the most prominent and the utmost prerequisite component towards the possible backup and disaster recovery services has brought in to resolve the day-to-day accumulation of the crucial data in the network servers and other sources.

Backup and Disaster the predominant strategy which governs the data of a company

Backups have transitioned itself as a major component in an organization which pertains to the safeguard of the company’s crucial data and ensuring that the data has been completely made available in multiple copies so that the data is quite safe. The disaster recovery has been to completely enhance the data has to be constantly recovered from certain potential vulnerability and also involve into taking a backup of the same.

Intricacies in Backup and Disaster Recovery

As an analogy, the backup and disaster recovery has been the two distinct components which are merged as one entity enabling the single data backup strategy. The single data backup strategy has been an ardent practice being deployed to take multiple data copies in the form of a removable media.

This removable media have been practiced quite widely across the companies in the landscape, hence providing the complete data protection.

Effects of significant Backup and Disaster Recovery

In today’s evolving trend, multiple organizations across the landscape are constantly putting their emphasis to ensure that the crucial data that they are trying to accumulate on a daily basis are well safeguarded and totally secured by taking up the successful backup and have gone through certain disaster recovery mechanisms for certain data which are quite prone to the significant loss.

Hence there have been certain contingency plans to keep the records available all the time and made possible for the future retrievals.

VRS Technologies have been persistently vigil to take strategic steps towards the backup and disaster recovery initiatives and have been persistently assisting the companies in large towards the same, with the profound expertise in backup and disaster strategies we are able to enhance the operational excellence for the companies so that their crucial data are well maintained and are hence available for any future retrieval.

In the event, that you are looking forward to the backup and the data recovery for your organization, please do not hesitate much to approach VRS Technologies on the same. Please call +971 55 1683152 so that our service team would get in touch with you for your further endeavors. Please visit our official website at for more information.

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Structured Cabling Services becomes a driving force to Healthcare Domain

Structured cabling services can be considered as the most pivotal component in today’s healthcare domain, as these are the most pivotal component in it and have literally transformed to be the backbone for the complete network setup towards the health care industry in today’s scenario, wherein it is able to meticulously been able to exchange the numerous health information from various data sources.

structured cabling services

In the present context, it has been completely instrumental in enabling the seamless network communication medium which could facilitate some of the important data components such as the electronic medical records (EMR) which can be very well connected to the finance department and sales department.

Structured cabling as a dynamic network system

Structured cabling solution has been a meticulous network system has been effectively been able to  connect the entire healthcare premises and has hence transformed itself as a vital medium to accommodate and further ferrying of the multitude of data components or the data packets within it to the entire premises through the connected networks.

Needless to mention that certain file formats such as X-ray reports, lab results, certain audio-visual data which comprise of the patient’s health records are being seamlessly been ferried across the premises with much ease.

Structured cabling architecture  

Needless to mention that in today’s evolving digital world, fiber optic cable networking as a core component of structured cabling has been the most vital network link in a premise which has found to render the highest scalability in transporting the high bandwidth data from one end to the other with much disorientation.

Structured cabling becomes the lifeline for doctors

Structured cabling has transitioned itself as the lifeline for the doctors, as the doctors can directly get to know the patient’s history through the structured cabling systems which are connected to the computer systems.

The need to maintain the patient information

With the massive growth of technology in the healthcare, it has therefore become very imperative for numerous health care institutions to earnestly maintain the patient information. Structured cabling services have been very instrumental in tactfully placing itself in the evolving technologies. In fact, in today’s healthcare industry, the structured cabling has been redefining itself and has completely transformed the entire health care to be digitally more efficient.

In the event, that you are looking forward or structured cabling alignment for your premises, please get in touch with us. We would be immensely ensured that your premises would be meticulously aligned with the structured cabling services, which could connect the entire doctors online through their inherent network system. Please approach us at VRS Technologies and call us on +971 55 1683152 so that our technical team would get in touch with you for the further proceedings. We would also appreciate if you could have a comprehensive idea about our range of services at

Annual maintenance contract : pivotal component to resolve bottlenecks.

Annual Maintenance Contract

In a typical situation where your computer peripherals such as your laptop, PC motherboard, printer or even, for that matter the keyword develops a glitch and you are unable to work on the system with these ardent problems.

As a matter of fact, in the current trend, we are constantly and persistently depended on these gadgets day-in and day-out. In these situations, the wisest option before you is choosing the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). There are umpteen numbers of technical service providers across who could resolve the problems related to the peripherals.

Under the AMC services Dubai, the technical vendor have been relentlessly assisting the customers towards maintaining their devices such as the desktops, laptops, printers etc., in a meticulous fashion that the device could be used for a prolonged period of time. Through, Annual maintenance contract Dubai, you can really expect to use your devices without any possible bottlenecks for a complete year which comes to you free of cost.

In a nutshell, the under the Annual Maintenance contract, one can expect the proper safeguarding of these devices:

  • Branded Servers
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Thin clients
  • workstations

Annual Maintenance contract for large enterprises

The annual maintenance contract has, in fact, become the boon for large enterprises, as through the AMC, the customer’s potential problems are being attended to within the less turnaround time (TAT) as even a single minute delay would be a major conflict to the enterprises.

In most cases, under AMC; the technical vendor would be able to have a regular site visit and then resolve the bottleneck. The technical experts are always pro-active and vigil when it comes to the software malfunctions and
as preventive maintenance procedures implement the software patches to the software systems which in turn protects the software for certain untoward incident.

Network services have always proven to be the major bottleneck in the large enterprise

It goes without mentioning that, a network system in a large enterprise is the major nerve system and regular maintenance of network services are the key to having successful communication systems. A company is known to be functioning optimally when the network systems are regularly maintained. The technical vendor has a got an instrumental role in resolving the bottleneck in the local area network (LAN), so under the AMC, the skilled technicians constantly monitor the network systems by basing themselves completely at the client side.

Server Support services as a part of AMC services Dubai

The Server is the major component for large enterprises as these are the database repository and has been considered the pivotal component for major companies. In fact, the server needs to be taken care of meticulously and the technical vendor has to be technically sound to resolve the major bottleneck which keeps cropping up in the server.

The AMC services Dubai, always ensures that these are properly maintained and constantly ensure that the backups are taken at regular intervals.

In the event, that if you are keen to take up the AMC for your organization, please do not hesitate to approach us for the same. Please call us at +971 55 1683152, or visit for more comprehensive information about AMC


Firewall Network Security: The ardent pre-requisite for corporate network

Firewall Network Security has been the most ardent pre-requisite for many corporate companies when it comes to the business communication systems are concerned. In today’s emerging communication systems, there have been frequent threats with reference to the certain ransom ware penetrations in the company’s major network system which has resulted in the complete chaos towards the data storage and safeguarding is concerned.

Firewall protection has become mandatory for large enterprises which houses the complete crucial database within them and proper safeguarding and protection becomes the de facto standards.

firewall network security

Firewall as a comprehensive network security

In general, a firewall is generally referred as the initial entry point for the internet service provider (ISPs) connectivity to the internal connectivity to the numerous workstations being connected with each other through local area network (LAN). The firewall has been considered as the initial and the major checkpoint and the protective wall for the internal network from the malicious attack of the malware, spyware and the viruses which otherwise has the inherent capability to attack the local LAN.

In most cases, there are three main components which are apparently implemented in the large enterprises as major contingency strategic plans:

  • Firewall as the initial checkpoint for the ISP
  • Network Security Software which eventually compliments the firewall systems
  • The patch management, which is frequently updated to have protect the network systems

In today’s evolving digital trend, there is a plethora of network security software’s which are available in the market today, which are instrumental in enhancing the finest protection for the internal network of the organization against any sort of potential threats.

The latest variant of the antivirus software has been constantly dominating the firewall towards the enhanced protection to the internal network; in fact, there are quite a few patches which become an instrumental role in further ensuring that the internal networks are seamlessly maintained.

In the case of large enterprises, the firewall incorporates the network security software within the centralized server and the entire workstation is implemented with the most upgraded versions of Windows OS, there is an immense scope for the automatic updates that keep happening from the windows update server.

The network security software which has been installed in the centralized server constantly monitors the entire local area network. Further, it becomes a boon for the firewall protection vendors to constantly monitor the threats and ensure that the virus, spyware and the malware are completely removed.

In the event that you are company is looking out for the Firewall network security services for your enterprise organizations, please bank on us at VRS Technologies for the same as we are the pioneers in the market towards the implementations of the firewall network systems. Please call us on +971 551683152, for more information please visit our official website at


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Network Cabling Installation -The most pivotal component in an enterprise organization

Network cabling Installation

Network cabling installations have always been the most important and the most procedural component in an enterprise organization as a whole, which is predominantly deployed to have the seamless network connectivity among the multiple workstations. These multiple workstations are connected to the various variants of the server editions over the local area network (LAN) and ultimately encompass the client-server architecture.

The network cabling installation is comprised of structured cabling systems which, in turn play a crucial role as they become the vital component to connect to the internet service providers (ISP) for the seamless internet connectivity to the enterprise and further plays an instrumental role in connecting with the multiple workstations and the servers in a LAN. In fact, it could be worth mentioning that network connectivity has, in fact, outshine many organizations in the global map only for the efficient network system.

The ardent benefits of the network cabling installations are as follows:

  • In an organization, efficient networking systems have always held assisted towards maintaining the standard procedures.
  • The network cabling, when deployed as per the set standards, has immensely instrumental in the efficient data transfer, which course has been the component to reduce the costs.
  • The most important parameter with network cabling has always been to saving time and increase the overall productivity of the company.
  • The most important facet of structural cabling has been the yardstick which could support both the data and the voice capability through their connectivity.
  • They are always used as a cost effective solution as they can be removed or reinstalled at any time without much disruption and potential damage.

    VRS Technologies have always been spearheading itself with the network connectivity in an organization

    VRS Technologies have constantly spearheaded in the network cabling installations and have hence the most preferred vendor to have the end-to-end implementation of the network cabling installations for most of the major corporations in Dubai, UAE.

    Our take on the technical support for the deployed network cabling

    We have built a unique niche in the market with reference to rendering the excellent technical support for the already deployed network cabling and ensure that there are no possible network blocks which lead to the disruption in the connectivity.

    We have an exclusive technical team in place wherein they keep monitoring the redundancy of the network cabling constantly and further ensuring that these network cables are aligned properly.

    VRS Technology has persistently maintained the data centers and ensured the optimum scalability

    Data centers are one of the most crucial entities, which ensure the safeguard of the data flow from the umpteen workstations. VRS Technology has always been on a constant vigil monitoring the interconnecting fiber optic cabling so that the data centers are managed seamlessly well.

    Our expert technical personnel, who are deployed at the data centers, are proven experts in terms of the quick resolution to the technical glitch if any from the data centers.

    In the event that if you are keenly looking forward to a technical partner who is capable to deploy, troubleshoot and restore the network connectivity in an enterprise, in that case, you can surely bank on us for the same. Please get in touch with us at VRS Technologies or call us at +971 55 1683152. For more information on the Network cabling installation, please visit our official website at