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Backup and Disaster Recovery: Predominantly drives Enterprises attention

In today’s fast evolving digital scenario, umpteen numbers of corporate businesses, enterprises regardless of the kind of industrial domain they are in, the data which they handle day-in and day-out becomes a crucial component in defining the operations of the company.

As we are constantly on our daily routines of frequently plugging-in and plugging-out in the corporate world, there is a likely chance for a significant data loss pertaining to your important documents photos and videos anytime.

backup and disaster recovery

Data loss manifests as the worst nightmare

If one thinks about the data loss, then, in that case it would indeed transform as the worst nightmare for anyone and would turn out to be a grave concern for large enterprises in specific.

Data loss: A major concerns across the industry segments

In the recent years, the backup and disaster recovery systems have become the buzzword for most corporate as this has become the most pivotal components which has become the de-facto strategies to safeguard the data pertaining to the organization be it the:

  • The financial records for a bank
  • The data concerning the files on tax returns for the financial institutions.
  • The inventory records pertaining to the manufacturing company.

The real embarrassment

In fact, it would turn out to be a real embarrassment if these crucial data is on the threshold of loss and if such this does happen, it would bring about a complete chaos in the organization and would eventually bring about the unrecoverable financial burden for most of the companies across the landscape.

The possible data recovery for the lost data

VRS Technologies have been considered as a major player for the complete backup and disaster recovery solutions in Dubai, UAE. We have very much ensured the smooth functioning of the enterprise,  organizations by rendering the seamless data protection services.

VRS Technologies have a complete take on the backup and the data recovery

With the possibility of the excellent data recovery and the optimum backing up the data for various enterprises in Dubai, UAE, we have gained a unique reputation in the market and transforming ourselves the most prominent niche in Dubai.

We are backed up a team of technical experts in-house who have a proven expertise in the industry for the data recovery. Our data retrieval experts are completely aware of possible data recovery protocols, and strive hard to recover the data from any sources at the earliest possible time, thereby contributing to a significant value addition.

In the event, that you are on the verge of a significant data loss or have already have lost the crucial data, in this situation, you need not worry. We are always there to assist you towards this endeavor and ensure that your crucial data is restored back. Please call us on +971 55 1683152 so that our data recovery and the backup team could swing up into action at the earliest. We would also appreciate if you could have a comprehensive idea about our range of services at

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Network Cabling Services for a Scalable Business

Cabling connects the different network systems and is responsible for the communication between them. So, before setting up a network, one has to choose the right cabling, which tells how the well the communication needs are fulfilled. If the network cabling is the apt one, the transmission of data, voice or video between the network systems can be of quality. When there can be quality and performance in the communication, the foundation for a fruitful business is laid. Once the cabling is decided, the next step is to look for network cabling services for implementing the right plans.

network cabling services

Few things to be considered for choosing the network cabling

  • The bandwidth tells as to how fast the data is transmitted through the network and so, greater the bandwidth; the more will be the speed with which the information can move. Even for future bandwidth expansions, the cabling should provide sufficient room.
  • It should be checked if the network cabling used is able to transmit the information up to the desired distances without any distortion such that no other equipment is necessary for achieving the same.
  • Certain network equipment like photocopiers creates electromagnetic interference and prevents the information from transmitting smoothly. Cabling that can withstand the electromagnetic interference is a good option.
  • If the cabling will allow you in expanding the network or not, especially with less equipment, is another aspect that needs a consideration.
  • How much the cabling costs is another fact not be neglected as one could either save or spend on the cabling chosen
  • With growing requirements of communications, there are ample chances for expanding the network. During the network cabling installation, it should be regarded if the network cabling gives allowance for future expansion.
  • If the network cabling used is capable of serving multiple telecommunication needs like that of data, voice and video, or not.

When these basic details are taken care of the network cabling used will serve the communication needs as desired and you could achieve a scalable business. It may be tough to weigh all the key factors all by yourself and network cabling service providers can intervene to do the job right for you.

If you are looking up for a reliable network cabling installation provider in Dubai, VRS Technologies might be the one. We are proud to say we are specialized in dealing with any type of network cabling services, hence, we plan, design and implement scalable and secured cabling systems.

Be it building a new company, relocating or upgrading, contact VRS Technologies at +971 55 1683152 for the reliable network cabling solutions to derive the expected business output. Our website will give you more insight of our cabling solutions and services

How an Enterprise Benefits by Adopting the Structured Cabling Solutions

Irrespective of whether the enterprise is IT based or not, depends on telecommunications i.e. data, voice or video communications. The overall business revolves round the flow of data and the cabling tells how well it is exchanged between the network and its devices. Also, how these network systems communicate with one another to transmit data is the core of a productive business. The better the communication, the higher is the ROI. As you invest, so you reap out of it. Whenever the enterprise needs to set up a data centre, it is worth having forethought before arriving at the apt cabling solution for connecting the hardware. The structured cabling solutions are proven to be reliable for organizing the network of the enterprise.

structured cabling solutions

How structured cabling solutions are an advantage for the enterprise

The needs of communications have taken a steep rise; the cabling system should be able to comprehend the same by adapting the needs constantly and reaching potentiality. Any amount of data demands will be met for the communications to take place on a larger scale, enabling higher returns on investment.
When there is a requirement for the future expansion of the enterprise, the structured cabling offers to cut down the costs of it. At the same time, it is also easy to make modifications in the hardware the data center equips, as the architecture of the structured cabling system permits the same.
Whenever the data center is necessitated by a shift, the organized structured cabling enables it without having to invest much time.

What can be the possible result of not adopting the structured cabling?

The structured cabling system is highly organized and there is no other cabling system offering the same arrangement. The traditional cabling is messy and disorganized that it gives more chances to downtime issues and possible errors, hindering productivity.

The traditional cabling cannot adapt to the ever-growing changes and communication needs unlike the structured cabling which in contrast offers adaptability, flexibility and less downtime.

VRS Technologies is a specialist in Dubai, UAE, offering tailor-made structured cabling solutions for your network communication systems. With our skilled technicians, we come up with well-planned strategies for designing the network infrastructure with our structured cabling solutions, cutting down the cost of the overall infrastructure. We are specialized in planning the cabling installation for any kind of environment to benefit your business.

Contact VRS Technologies at +971 55 1683152 to organize your infrastructure smart with the structured cabling solutions we have to offer. For a clear insight of our solutions and services, go to our website

VRS Technologies-an Organizer for the right Network Cabling Dubai


Network cabling Dubai

The present generation is technology bound that you could say technology is leading the world. With inbound knowledge and all the available resources, the transition in technology is fast-paced. No new invention today would surprise us since we are always working toward a new one. We have in turn laid ideas as to where technology will leap further. The change in technology is never ending. Our networks and their devices, which are dependent on technology, need a thought as they are the spinning wheels of exchanging and transferring data. It is the cabling that transfers the data through the network and how well it is made depends on various factors. If the data moves between the devices and networks with ease and speed, there can be a great productivity in the business.

Why is the network cabling dependent?

  • There are new applications evolving today and the need has arisen for a high-performance cabling
  • Not only today’s but the cabling established should be able to suffice the needs of the future high-speed applications
  • The type of cabling should be compared for matching the requirements of the infrastructure
  • The environmental factors decide as to what type of cabling is suitable for the network
  • The cabling depends on the type of architecture of the network system
  • There are emerging trends of high-speed data transfer and that the cabling made should meet this need
  • The Flexibility the cabling has for transferring data is another criterion
  • If the cabling is susceptible to external changes like electromagnetic or radio frequency or not
  • Old methods need to be updated to keep with the latest technology trends for better network performance delivery

If the network cabling is well-planned keeping the above factors in mind, the cabling can bring rewards for the enterprise by moving the data between the network and devices with high speed and performance for a better result and output. Deciding on the type of cabling and how it is implemented for the network needs a well-designed plan and approach, which VRS Technologies accomplishes for you. With a well-performed Network cabling Dubai your enterprise can achieve a progressive business.

Contact VRS Technologies at +971 55 1683152 for a high-end network cabling system for your business or refer to our website for further detail.

UTM Solutions for overall Network Security

The internet is a resourceful tool enabling us to get connected to the world. As such the world has the same privilege as connecting to us. This is how we are prone to cyber threats and thefts. One can utilize what the internet has to offer us but the other way around, it might be used for selfish means as well and the same has been happening time and again.

UTM Solutions

Through harmful malware hidden in emails and websites disguised as legitimate, sensitive information has been falling prey to the unauthentic sources. Identity theft, phishing, social engineering and many other sorts of cyber threats are creating a deep sense of insecurity with the personal information like credit card or bank details or other crucial information falling into the wrong hands. To be cautious enough, our networks and devices need to be well-protected. For those who could realize the importance of network security, safety is always by their side.

Further, there are different ways a network may be insecure like due to virus, spam and many more for which a single solution might not be sufficient. Here is where a Unified Threat Management solution would suffice to all kinds of network insecurities coming up with multiple security options.

An overview of UTM

A UTM is a single security solution for multiple security issues. With the help of a UTM appliance, the UTM provides a comprehensive security solution with anti-virus, anti-spam, anti- spyware, firewall network security , intrusion detection, content filtering etc. As the threats are not specific but vary, one security solution would not be enough for all sorts of cyber issues, so securing the network with UTM will ensure overall security.

One dealer for all kind of security issues

Threats are not uniform but come in blended forms to cause insecurity at different points of the network. There arises the need for different security appliances to deal with each and every security issue separately. A UTM solutions (Unified Threat management) extends overall security under one roof with its solutions for different kinds of network insecurities. With the single point security source UTM provides, it is easier to manage issues with varied threats.

If your network is not yet secured with the UTM, it is time you found it necessarily important for a high network security. VRS Technologies in Dubai is a trustable destination for Unified Threat Management solutions that come in economical packages, which includes anti-spam, anti-virus, control filtering, email filtering, intrusion prevention and many more.

To secure your network from all kinds of cyber issues with our comprehensive UTM solutions, contact VRS Technologies on +971 55 1683152 or refer to our website to learn more about our Unified Threat Management solutions


Tips for Secured Your Networks

Secured Your Business with UTM Solutions


Firewall Network Security-a step beyond Anti-Virus

Ever since its inception, internet has gained so much of importance and popularity which, evidently, will continue so long as the internet exists. As much good it can do in our day to day lives, it can be unsafe too. It is through the internet that unsafe things travel, finally causing insecurity to our computer networks. The world has witnessed many cases of cyber insecurity where hackers or intruders have taken unfair advantages of the limitless use one could make of the internet. Certainly, with harmful tools, they began to steal sensitive data, send virus or demand a huge sum of ransom by encrypting all the important files. None, be it an individual or a big or small sized business could afford to fall into such an unsafe zone. So the right decision would be to look for ways to have well-protected computers.

firewall network security

There have come into existence security measures into the market with many security companies and providers coming up to offer. Anti-virus is the most common type of software intended to secure your computer from virus attacks. Anti-virus would not be enough but in addition a firewall network security should be installed to protect the overall network and beef up the security.

What is anti-virus?

An anti-virus is software that is intelligent enough to prevent, search for, detect and remove viruses and other malicious software from the computer, disallowing further spread-out of the virus aiming to harm the computer. Anti-virus detects and removes the virus which has already gained access.

What is a firewall?

A firewall is a kind of network security which blocks the incoming and outgoing traffic. In most plain terms, a firewall network security system blocks malicious programs or websites from gaining access to the network but gives way to the right and authentic programs to pass through the network. This way, all the harmful programs, emails, websites can be barred from causing threats to the computer’s important files, data and programs.

Just synonymous to how a firewall prevents fire from spreading out across a building; a network firewall prevents threats from entering your network and spreading it to the other computers.

Why a firewall protection should be employed in addition to anti-virus?

The loopholes in the security should not be incentives for insecurity in the network and so one should consider, why anti-virus is not enough. An anti-virus can handle the detection and removal of the virus, infecting the computers. As a noticeable fact, every day new sorts of virus are being crafted and it may take a while for the anti-virus company to update the anti-virus software program. Instead a firewall can strictly create a blockade for any kind of virus attempting to infiltrate your computer. With a firewall installed, the harmful dangers of network infiltration can be kept at a distance.

Installation of both anti-virus software and the firewall network security is the ideal security measure.

We, at VRS Technologies Dubai, offer Firewall network security to control security risks and let you have the choice of opting for different modules of subscription for the same.

You can reach VRS Technologies on +971 55 1683152 for the firewall and other network security to protect your critical assets. You may go to our website for the various security solutions we offer.

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Why should you consider Annual maintenance contract for servers

Annual-Maintenance-Contract servers
Computers, servers and other network devices, as part of the IT equipment, have become necessary in conducting a business. Servers, in particular, hold the responsibility of ensuring the company’s computer network is running smoothly without any interruption. The servers are also responsible for storing data and furnishing it on request. In the event of servers not working well, there are pretty chances of a network failure all of a sudden, resulting in the unfortunate loss of the data. This is the first reason to cite as to why servers are most important for a network and need a proper maintenance and care. For some other reasons too, annual maintenance contract for servers has become a necessity. Just like the other networking devices, server maintenance needs a thought.

Why the annual maintenance contract for servers is essential

 1) Increases the lifespan of a server

Anyone would wish for the longevity factor and if you intend to increase the lifespan of the server, maintaining it regularly will help achieve this. This can save you time and money eliminating the difficulty in purchasing new servers and transferring the data from the original source in case of a server failure.

2) Boosts server productivity

A regular maintenance of the server can ensure the server to work faster which in turn initiates a greater productivity in the business.

3) Resolves troubles instantly

With constant monitoring and maintenance of the server, it can become easy to fix the issues within less time and stop further complications which could be a disruption to the work.

4) Prevention is better than cure

It is better protecting and updating the server in advance as you should keep in mind the server might undergo a trouble in the future. While maintaining the server is not to prevent future issues alone but to allow the network to be prepared in case anything is not alright in the future.

VRS technologies Dubai offers an annual maintenance contract for servers and other IT devices, along with an end to end IT solutions. Our specialty is to offer preventive measures to your computer, network, and servers.

Call VRS Technologies on +971 55 1683152 to avail our Annual maintenance contract for your server to run well or visit our website

How Network cabling depends on certain factors

Network cabling Installation

Data and communications network forms the lifeline of an organization. Not the network alone, how the network is connected to the devices is just as important. It is the cabling that decides the performance of the network. With the advancement in the technology, it has become almost a must for the company to give priority to the network and its cabling. However, while the network cabling is installed, certain factors play a vital role.

Some factors deserving a consideration for the Network Cabling Installation are:

1) Bandwidth needs of existing network

The network’s current bandwidth needs are necessary for determining the type of cabling to be used. A small network of 20 workstations will need lower bandwidth rather than a network with 100 workstations. What should be kept in mind is the future expansion of the company when thinking of the network size. With more growth, more bandwidth is expected. It is also worth considering the type and volume of data traffic your network will be supporting. To cite an example, a graphic firm with 20 workstations will require greater bandwidth than a law firm consisting of 50 workstations.

2) Network environment

Cabling is also dependent on the environment to a great extent. That is why the question arises if the copper cabling or fiber optic cabling suits the network. As it is believed, fiber optic cabling goes to the extent of offering the fastest bandwidth possible, yet it has its limitations unable to suit to certain environments. Whenever there are dirt and scratches on the optical fiber cables, they find it difficult to transmit the data, in contrast to the copper cables. On the other hand, twisted copper cables are prone to radio frequency and electromagnetic interference. Here is where optic cabling is suitable.

3) Future bandwidth requirements

As it is better to consider bandwidth requirements based on the current size of the company type and volume of data traffic involved, one other factor not to be neglected is the future growth of the enterprise or company. Estimating the future bandwidth requirements with the expansion of the company is usually expensive and complex. As the company expands, the number of employees increases and communication needs multiply. This gives rise to more bandwidth requirements which need a planned perspective for the implementation. As a matter of truth, it is cheap to future proof any cabling rather than planning and replacing the current cabling.

To be secure, it is not the budget that should decide on the implementation of the network but understanding the current and future bandwidth requirements and the network environment is responsible for determining the type of cabling. Or it could be that the older technology or incorrect method of cabling could be bad for the network leading to poor user experience.

There are further more details that fall into consideration when it comes to a network cabling installation and a proper administrator does it for you.

At VRS Technologies Dubai, our engineers estimate and suggest, plan and implement advanced network cabling systems to suit your company requirements.

You can reach us on +971 55 1683152 or refer to our website for more detail.

Why IT Disaster Recovery should be Employed

IT Disaster Recovery

Most companies today invest in IT infrastructure to conduct business and not always can the IT infrastructure promise to perform the same way forever. Certain unplanned incidents do take place leading to an IT disaster, causing a loss to businesses. With hardware failures or power outages, chances of disasters are apparently high. An  IT disaster recovery plan forms crucial for a business responding to the disasters instantly.

Key reasons for why IT disaster recovery is important:

1) Hardware or network failure

Although the IT devices a company uses may be modern and advanced, there is no cent percent guarantee they will not complain with a failure. While it is expensive to meet the challenges like data loss or interruption in the service due to the failure, having a disaster recovery plan will handle them. If not an inbuilt data centre, outsourcing the infrastructure to an IT disaster recovery company will eliminate possible service interruptions due to a failure in the IT infrastructure.

2) Human errors

As far as anyone can remember, there are instances when a saved document has been rewritten or in the midst of a power outage or due to security breaches, there might be a data loss. As humans, it is quite common to make errors and even in the most cautious circumstances, it is unavoidable. IT disaster recovery gives way to a series of data backups to restore all the files to their original state. Along with quality backup plans, one crucial factor of disaster recovery plan is to check if the backup is working promptly or not.

3) Customers satisfaction

With the competition cut throat, any dissatisfaction among the customers gives a chance to the competitors to rule over you taking the potential customers away. Customers go in the direction of choosing better service all the time and the power outages or data disasters which are avoidable cannot be the reason for losing the customers.

Naturally, customers slip off your hand but getting their goodwill back and retaining them is the hardest part of the business. When the promised services do not reach customers at the stipulated time due to service interruptions, it is difficult to bring back the trust lost.

No business is immune to an IT disaster but being prepared for the unexpected change and employing an IT disaster recovery plan might speed up the recovery process.

VRS Technologies Dubai is a trusted destination for advanced IT disaster recovery solutions for IT firms. Our disaster recovery plans span from minor deletions to entire system failures.

You can reach us on +971 55 1683152 or refer to our website  for more details about data backup solutions and backup and disaster recovery UAE.

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Anti-Virus Protection-a must for Computers

Anti virus protection

A computer is the store house of a huge amount of data, stored in the form of files and documents. Now- a-days, it is quite common to see computers affected by viruses sent by hackers for false means such as to exploit the data. This might end up in the loss of the important files or documents. The anti-virus protection will ensure the overall protection from the viruses. It can easily detect the virus and delete the infected files.

Here are the different ways a virus can attack you:

Entertaining video

Certain times, you are sent a video and instructed to open it and once it is done; the computer is attacked by virus, which starts erasing the damaged files and documents.

Attachments or links from spoofed emails

Spoof mails are one of the most common ways of sending virus into the system. These emails appear to be coming from a legitimate source but in reality contain harmful links or attachments. Once you open them, your computer will be susceptible to a virus. The emails are so finely designed that even for an expert manager it might appear like a harmless mail.

Downloading software from sites

Many believe there is a possibility of virus attack when software is downloaded only from inappropriate websites but virus is spread all over the internet. Even from the most trusted source, there can be clever traps laid by hackers.

Ads online

Online ads are another way of infecting your system with virus. Genuine ads are placed on trusted websites and allowed to be seen until they are trusted. After a while, a malicious code appears in the ad and when clicked on, attacks your system with virus.

Although avoiding some are in our hands, some may be unavoidable. It is usually safe to stay away from such traps. Anti-virus protection is equally necessary alongside it.

If you need anti-virus protection for your computers, call VRS Technologies  at +971 55 1683152 or refer to our website


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