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VRS Technologies Offers Annual Maintenance Contract for Servers, Networks

annual maintenance contract

As if to test our patience levels, computers or network breakdowns happen essentially when something important is running. Your immediate call to action would be either to panic, try to fix it yourself, or else try to approach the IT staff in your company. However, as we know panicking does not help in resolving the issues, our next step would be to contact the IT staff. As in the case of small to medium businesses, quite often than not, it is hard to find an in-house technician. Therefore, you will have to try reaching various technicians before you get hold of a reliable help you can trust. To avoid such chaos is the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). We at VRS Technologies offer AMC for computer hardware, network, and servers to avoid any sort of downtime whatsoever.

AMC for Servers:

Servers are the powerhouse of any company. They store all the data that is crucial for any organization. If a server goes down, the entire business is likely to come to a standstill. To prevent such occasions, VRS Technologies offers an affordable AMC for servers. As a part of the annual maintenance contract, we offer

  • Installation of servers
  • Customer support
  • Installation of software
  • Defragmentation of hard disks
  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Repair of breakdowns

AMC for Network:

You might be able to do many things with your computer/workstation. But you can do a lot more if your computer is on a network, connected to other computers and peripherals like the printers, copiers etc. Let alone, your inability to make use of the peripherals in your network, if your network is down; on a serious note, you will not be able to save the files on your server.  A network breakdown can cause a complete loss of productivity in your company. In a step to keep such situations away is an AMC for networks.  VRS Computers offers AMC for computer hardware and networking to prevent any sort of downtime.

For more details on annual maintenance contracts, we offer at VRS Technologies, contact us at +971 55 1683152.


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VRS Technologies – Leading It Services Company in Dubai

IT services company in Dubai

Here’s what we offer as a part of IT Services.

Let’s be honest. Information Technology (IT) is quite a broad term. It is so broad, that it could be misleading at times. However, we have narrowed it down to the sense that IT is essentially a term used to refer managing, processing and communicating the information, in a company/organization.  No matter in which business you are, even if it is totally unrelated to the IT, a clothing business for example; IT still plays an important role to have the business running without any glitches. In fact, it is all the more essential for Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) to have good IT Services for support as they do not have the adequate IT staff. From SMBs to MNCs, VRS Technologies is a prominent IT services company in Dubai that offers end to end IT Support, Services and Solutions.

It is utterly frustrating when the companies have to face the IT system breakdown, especially when the companies are customer-centric and a lot of targets need to be met and goals to be driven. Loss of productivity eventually leading to customer dissatisfaction, there is a lot which can go wrong when IT infrastructure fails. Realizing the needs of businesses, VRS Computers has developed a comprehensive package to cover all the IT needs of a company.

 Overview of the IT Services we offer at VRS Technologies:

Structured and Fiber Cabling:

It is basically the telecommunications network within an organization or a building campus. Under this head, we provide a plethora of services for complete security and telecommunications in your company. Our team of engineers makes sure to visit your premises to have a complete understanding of your business and suggest the right cables for setting up the network-copper or Fiber optic cable networks.

AMC for Computers & Networking:

Anything can go wrong when a lot of things are involved, especially with the electronic devices at large. VRS Computers offers a foolproof annual maintenance contract for computers as well as network to address the simple to complex issues that crop up on a daily basis. We offer 24 x7 technical supports as a part of the contract to resolve any kind of issues remotely as well as provide in-person fixing of issues if the problem is complicated, not to mention the regular maintenance and servicing.

IT Solutions:

We understand how critical your data is for your organization, essentially when there is a constant threat, with your competitors taking advantage of the situation. We provide a complete security to your data by presenting the solutions like anti-spam and endpoint security solution, backup and disaster Recovery services.

For more details on the IT services we offer at VRS Technologies, contact us at +971 56 7029840.

VRS Technologies: All about Network Cables and Installations

network cabling services

Here is why VRS Technologies is one of the best network cabling companies in Dubai…

End of the day everything boils down to communication. In some or the other form, there is a constant need to pass on the information. Similarly, when the computers talk, the information needs to be transferred. That is communication. Network Cabling basically enables the communication between the computers across the borders possible. Be it data or voice, it needs to be communicated to have an organisation up and running. For effective communication between the computers, authentic network cabling installations are required. VRS Technologies LLC stands to be the front runner among the network cabling companies in Dubai, providing the most efficient network cabling installations for your company keeping all the requirements of the client in mind as well as taking the local codes/law/ordinances that are specific to Dubai, into consideration.

People have been trying to find innovative ways to communicate and it dates back to 1844 when a scientist Samuel Morse has made a successful attempt at passing down the information across 37 miles with a medium called telegraph. While at that time the communication was made using the binary system involving the dots and dashes, today, the binary system followed uses ones and zeros. Of late, communication is possible with or without cables. The Internet is also a network where the computers across the world communicate without the use of the cables. However, in this article, we will concentrate on the communication between the computers using different type of cables, routers and switches.

Different data cables used in Network cabling installations

It requires a well-informed technician to decide on the right cable for a particular functionality.

Copper Based cables :

As much as 10 Gbps of data every second can be transferred using the copper cables. However, newer cables are being used, the advantages of which surpass the data transfer limit of the copper cables, like the fiber optic cables.
The Coaxial cables usually referred to as “coax” are used for the standard 10 Mbps data transfer. There is an inner copper wire surrounded by the insulating material that forms the coaxial cables. Due to the stiffness of these cables, network administrators find it difficult to install it in a network.
Twisted pair cables are ideal for Ethernet cabling which when introduced in the 1990s transferred 10 Mbps data. However, the improved versions have been transferring 100 Mbps of data, which of late have reached the data transfer limits of 10 Gbps. There are (Unshielded Twisted Pair) UTP and (Shielded Twisted Pair) STP. The UTP is commonly used for Ethernet due to its low cost and efficient data transfer.

Fiber Optics:

Copper cables interfere with the electric signals. The environments which demand the use of non-copper cables is the place where the fiber optic cables are used. These cables are made up of glass or plastic fibers enclosed in an insulated shielding. Due to the flexibility of the material, higher bandwidth and longer run, these cables are deployed of late especially for the Wide Area Network (WAN) installations where longer runs of the cables are required.

Why VRS Technologies for Network Cabling in Dubai

We at VRS Technologies understand the importance of the network cabling installations for your organisation. Right from the consultation, planning and incorporation, we offer our services from the start through finish. Our team of adept professionals have an excellent understanding of the local codes or laws in Dubai, which we follow to the end to avoid any sort of inconvenience at a later time. We carry our well laid out plans to the fullest extent to offer flexibility while making future additions, changes or moves possible.

For network cabling services in Dubai, contact VRS Technologies LLC at +971 56 7029840.

Spyware Malware Removal Services at VRS Tech DXB


spyware malware removal

All about Spyware and how it affects your computer

Is your computer running slow? Or are your web pages being redirected to advertisements each and every time? Beware; your computer might just have been infected with spyware. While there is much online spyware removal software available online, it might turn out to be very dangerous. One wrong step; and they could even read the data on the hard disk. For authentic spyware removal service, choose VRS Tech DXB today and stay hassle free.

What is Spyware?

As the name suggests the spyware is basically the software that keeps track of the things that you do on the computer without the knowledge of the end user. At times, it could be for a straightforward purpose like a spyware installed by the employer on the computer to track the activities of his employees during the work hours, or it could be for a malicious reason. A spyware could be the reason behind the
• Advertisements
• Tracking personal information
• Change in the configuration of the computer.
When we say, tracking personal information, it could collect the personal data like the bank account passwords or credit card information that you might feed in the websites.

How does the Spyware enter your computer?

As already mentioned, it could be perfectly harmless and might be installed by your employer. Or it could be installed when the user least suspects. It might enter your computer when you are installing free software that you wanted and the spyware tags along. The spyware authors usually work hand in glove with the shareware developers to repackage the spyware with legitimate software.

What does a Spyware do?

A spyware is capable of tracking the confidential details like the user names and the passwords of the banking sites, social networking sites, etc. Sometimes, they even change the configuration of the computer settings. They cause the slowdown of the computer performance or even sometimes lead to system crash. They sometimes might even change the homepage of your browser or might be responsible to add additional tool bars to your browser that has nothing to do with you.

Preventing Spyware

First off, download the required software from the trusted sites. It is ideal to read the disclosure completely before downloading the software. Sometimes, the unwanted software information is included towards the end of the disclosure statement.

Secondly, you can go for an anti-virus and anti-spyware software; however, you will have to choose this from a trusted and reputed source, which keep running in the background without actually slowing down your system.

For any sort of spyware malware removal, anti-virus protection or anti-spyware protection or endpoint security solution, contact us @ +971 55 1683152 or email us @

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Time Tested Data Recovery Services from VRS Tech DXB

backup and disaster recovery

Anticipating that something untoward is going to happen is holding a pessimistic outlook. All the same one should be ready to handle the situation as and when it comes. Any hardware is prone to damage at one point or the other. For such situations as this, VRS Tech DXB stands unparalleled for preventing any sort of data loss as we understand that data is of utmost importance for any organisation. We handle data recovery services with care and our team of experts in this field see to it that the data goes unhampered despite the damage.

What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is basically the process of retrieving the data from the corrupt or damaged storage devices like the Internal or external hard drives, Solid state drives, USB flash drives, secondary storage devices like the CDs, DVDs, the RAID subsystems and other storage devices. This is especially important when the data stored can no longer be retrieved in an ordinary manner. But why is the recovery required? It is either because the device has undergone a physical damage or a logical damage. There is certainly a possibility that the device has suffered a dent from the beginning or might have experienced a virus attack or a mere scratch on the DVDs or CDs makes it difficult to retrieve the data. On the other hand accidental deletion of the files or forgotten password issues can also lead to the data recovery treatment.

Different ways to recover data

As we have established that the data recovery is very important for any organisation, the approach with which the data is recovered is also equally important. We at VRS Tech DXB are capable of retrieving all the data in a single step no matter how complex the damage is. We understand that the data is collected with great effort over a period of time and losing that data is disheartening.

Data recovery using self-repair warning

At times the user might not identify that there is damage to the storage device which is causing the difficulty in retrieving the data. The user might only see the blank screen or the system refusing to boot. A self repair warning usually appears at the times like this, with which the user might be able to resolve the issue. However, the technicians usually maintain that this kind of attempt at the repair usually does more harm than good.

Data recovery due to physical damage

Physical damage to the storage devices might occur due to multiple reasons. A small scratch on the CDs or DVDs might cause irreversible damage. Mechanical failures like the head crashes and failed motors might result in breakage of tapes. However, the physical damage usually cannot be reversed by the user, which will have to be handed over to the experts for the data recovery. Usually, a clean room technology where a dust free environment is maintained at a controlled temperature is used to salvage the data.

Data recovery from Logical damage

Sometimes the damage is not restricted to physical damage and can extend to logical damage. The damage will have to be dealt at the software level where the replacing the damaged parts will not work like in the cases of the corrupt partitions and file systems or media errors. Data carving is the recovery of the damaged files with the good understanding of their structure.

For more information on the data backup and recovery solution Dubai from VRS Tech DXB, contact us at +971 55 1683152.

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IT Services and Its Importance

it services in dubai

With the constantly increasing influence of technology on every field, IT services have become an integrated and important part of every industry. Everything these days is maintained from the computer and it has become impossible to imagine the world with all these technologies. The IT is taking the world by storm and every sector is adapting to the change. With increasing technology, the demand for better IT service and maintenance are also increasing. A company can accomplish a lot with good IT support and well maintained IT infrastructure. And this is true for all kinds of business, old or new.

It is a difficult thing to take care of an organization and maintain its IT section as well. And this is where we, the professional IT service providers, come in. We at VRS TECH DXB take care of all your IT needs. From set up to total maintenance, we cover it all.

Here are the 5 major services covered under IT Services by us :

Offline support help desk : Offline or remote service is offered via telephone or email. In this case, our technical experts resolve the issue by giving instructions or by taking control of your computer remotely and solving issues. Mostly software and network related issues are taken care of through offline support.
On-site support: On-site support is when our technicians go to the site and resolve the issue. In big IT companies, the setup often requires rewiring, hardware replacement, and re installation. Sometimes even in the case of network failure, onsite support is required. Our service has highly experienced team of engineers who take care of such issues and guarantees to solve them in minimum time.
Server : Most IT setups come with a server that is installed with the rest of the hardware set up. The server processes the request of customer’s computer. The server acts as a bridge between the business and the outside world. Any problem with the server can be a major issue. Our service makes sure that your server is never interrupted.
Backup : Data loss can be a nightmare for a company and can result in loss of fortune. And in such cases, an immediate data backup is required. We are always prepared for that. In the case of any data loss, our team will recover the data and make sure you don’t face any problem.
Security: Our IT service provides total security of your network from viruses, malware, and hackers. Our security keeps your computer and data totally secure and safe from any unwanted trespasser.

VRS TECH DXB is the best IT service provider. We have been serving for many years and over time, our quality of service and professional behavior has helped us gain the trust and confidence of many major organizations in the city. We provide the best quality of service at the most affordable quote.

Contact us at +971-56-7029840 today and visit our website for more details about our services.

Unified Threat Management Solutions

utm solutions

Your security is our priority

Security threat in IT industries is a real thing and team of experts is constantly up to making things better and more secured. Every company is trying to manage security but not all are very successful at it. This makes them vulnerable and easy targets for cyber criminals.

Large enterprises have critical security measures which make it difficult for hackers to cross their firewall and steal or mess up their data. But small or medium scale companies have weaker security systems compared to those of larger enterprises, and thus, they become easy prey for these cyber criminals who commit financial fraud or steal vital information, which they might misuse for their benefit.

We are VRS Technologies. We assure safety and security against cyber crime. We provide 360-degree security against all kinds of cyber crime. Our Unified Threat Management system is the best in the industry. Our smart firewall prevents malware, viruses, spams, adware, etc. from entering your system. You can also manage email filtering, URL control, intrusion and many other features. Our security has been proven to be the best. We are highly experienced and we have served for many years. And our customers have remained happy and satisfied throughout.

Our objective remains to provide world-class security to our clients. Weather it’s a small company or a huge one, our quality of service remains the same. Our corporate firewall keeps unwanted traffic off your network and keeps scanning your network for any unwanted traffic. It prevents any trespassing attempt by hackers into your network to steal data or do any harm. Out firewall is made of advanced programming which enables it to update itself. And once installed very minimal manual support is required. Our firewall even has advanced options that even protect your company websites, allows guest users to join your network and much more. We have one intuitive console to visualize and isolate any threat. Ours is an enterprise-grade security system that provides a total package of unified security management, network gateway solutions, and firewall security.

We have a long list of clients who trust only us when it comes to their security. We have been serving security for many years and we have earned our reputation with our compassionate service and ability keep our promise.

Our service is also the most pocket-friendly service amongst all. We quote the most reasonable for our comprehensive security, high-performance protection, and multi-layered defense.

Call us at +971-56-7029840 today for more about UTM solutions,Unified Security Management and Firewall Network Security in Dubai.

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Fiber Cabling and Structured Fiber Cabling in Dubai

An all-in-one solution to cabling your issues – Structured Fiber Cabling Framework

structured fiber cabling

What is a Fiber Cabling & Structured Fiber Cabling framework?

An optical fiber is a rapid mode of communication that interconnects locally or around the world. Optical fiber facilitates transmission of light from one end of the fiber to another. Optical fiber cables are generally utilized over longer distances and at higher transmission capacity.

Structured Fiber Cabling is characterized as a cabling framework that comprises of various organized smaller components (structured) often used in a building’s or campus telecommunication network. An appropriately planned and implemented structured cabling framework gives a cabling foundation that conveys measurable execution and also has the ability to adapt moves, additions and modifications; augments framework accessibility, gives excess; and verifies the ease of use of the cabling framework as indicated by an industry standard definition.

What is the importance of Fiber Cabling & Structured Fiber Cabling?

Optical fibers cables are better than copper cabling in light of the fact that there is a less wastage of signals because of in susceptibility of electromagnetic impedance while structured fiber cables is a step towards a neater fiber cabling framework. Non-structured cabling frameworks cause a few issues. With a sloppy cabling framework, mistakes are a continuous event. It prompts wrong ports being unplugged; even more terrible is the disorderly mass of links which meddles with normal procedures, removing a link from the gigantic mass of links results in trading off the quality and sturdiness of other links. This anxiety can prompt system and divert blunders in the equipment that are exceptionally hard to follow. Likewise, if a point to point strategy is utilized, the front and conceivably the sides of the switch are congested with cabling mass. This obstructs the air that the switch needs to work.

Fiber Cabling and Structured Fiber Cabling in Dubai, UAE

Advantages of Structured cabling framework

A structured cabling framework is much neater, more secure and sorted out when contrasted with conventional point-with point cabling forms. A structured cabling arrangement requires a considerable measure of arranging and comprehension of the procedure, however once it is introduced; the advantages are colossal. The preferences incorporate –

• It bolsters and empowers future overhauls because of its modular outline which takes into consideration moving, adding and modifying the setup anytime effortlessly!

• It diminishes establishment time by permitting changes and redesigning in the existing setup.

• It diminishes cabling mass and jumbling because of the links. This further empowers use of smaller dimension cable links and because of the sorted and structured arrangement, it looks cleaner.

• It facilitates flow of air because of the lesser congestion which reduces the odds of blockage of air and the likelihood of squashed cables.

• It decreases use of power by enhancing effectiveness and by lessening the measure of power required for cooling because of lesser heat being produced.

You can find many good structured cabling framework providers in Dubai and UAE and such cabling can put an end to your cabling problems!

Visit or Call us at +971-55-1683152 today and discuss your requirement for structured fiber cabling, network cabling installation and fiber optic cable network.

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Data Backup Solutions – Backbone of a lead organization

Data Backup Solution

Create backups and safeguard your organization’s critical information

‘Data’ is the core of every business and losing this basic information can make any organization — large or small, completely handicapped. Consistently, data loss can cost organizations a huge number of bucks and in the consequence of a fiasco, half of little organizations are not able to recoup. For bigger associations, this expense of data loss can be considerably more noteworthy, specifically affecting income and their brand image. This makes it a subject of great importance for organizations to have a reinforcement of their basic IT frameworks. Data Backup Solutions, therefore, guarantee undisrupted business operations. Notwithstanding, industry research has demonstrated that numerous organizations either do not have an exhaustive backup arrangement set up or are exceptionally worried about the accessibility of their backups.

How can Data Backup Solutions be helpful for an organization?

Creating backup of data is a very important process for any organization. Organizations may have to face unfortunate events at any time – right from the human error, to hardware failure, to malicious software to natural disasters. In today’s competitive world, organizations cannot afford to lose the data. Just imagine a fine day, when you come to the office and whole of your data is lost. There is no possibility of you remembering figures of salary that you pay to the hundreds of the employees or any other critical data on which you had worked for weeks. A decent backup arrangement can save you against this heavy loss. Tape backup alone is not a decent arrangement. Tape backups often come up short as tapes are not that durable and regularly are not replaced and at times the tapes are not taken off site or not stored safely. That is the reason progressively organizations need an online backup arrangement. Let us learn about the benefits of the same:

Safety: When you create backup for the data, it is extremely secured because the information is coded over wire and stored with the data centers of the backup provider that must be located anywhere in Dubai or UAE, guaranteeing that the data in transit and the data that is yet at rest are profoundly secure.

Longer availability of data: With the duplicate copies of the data, the local copy guarantees quicker recovery while the remote copy facilitates redundancy and with the tape at the offsite, the data can be retained for a longer period of time.

Mind is peaceful: The adept workforce with solid backup management knowledge and skills can take the load off your shoulders as you will get rid of an additional task of monitoring backup activities and also you can gain a peace of mind as the data is in safe hands.

Scalability: Some solutions provider offer pay per gigabyte model which is quite flexible as it permits you to scale up with growing data.

Round the clock monitoring and assistance: With online reporting all the time, backup process can be monitored round the clock.

For more details on Data backup solutions in Dubai, contact us today at +971 55 1683152 or email us @

A weapon against malicious activities- Spyware Removal Tool

Spyware Removal – Spyware Cleanup Service Dubai, UAE

spyware malware removal;

Anti Spyware Protections Services in Dubai

If notorious brains are smart then you need to be smarter…install anti-spyware to prevent attack

Some enemies do not come with gun in hands but still can bring in a lot of harm; one among them is ‘Spyware’. A spyware is a malicious program that empowers a person to have access to the data of another’s PC by transmitting information secretly from their hard drive. Spyware can come in different faces – Trojans, system monitors, tracking cookies or adware and can do much beyond just collecting data like interfere with the controls or modify the settings of your computer resulting in slow internet connection or unauthorized modifications in software or browser settings. Knowing about the consequences, it is very important to install a spyware removal tool to keep your system safe.

Mansoor’s case – A lesson for everyone

In the fall of year 2012, a case was reported from a resident named Mansoor from Dubai who had unknowingly clicked on a mail saying ‘very important’ from a sender he thought he knew. The spyware was a western surveillance tool that was so powerful that it could turn on the microphones and the web camera and access the documents from the hard drive.

Since then he had beaten twice by the criminals who had gathered all the information about his campaigns citizens’ civil rights in UAE.

This is just one case, but many people fall a prey of spyware. The reasons are spyware enablers send flawed products in the market and when these are used by the users then the devices become vulnerable to attacks. Other reason is that users do not take sufficient care to protect their PCs and gadgets or are not careful while opening a suspicious mail or pop-up, that open doors for the intruders to do the malicious business.

Thus, it is very important to install proper anti-spyware so as to not let the spyware enablers succeed in their dirty intentions.

Anti-spyware – A ‘must-have’ tool for protecting computers and gadgets

The spyware removal software is like an invisible cloak that protects your devices from the malicious activities. In Dubai and UAE there are many good companies that provide such solutions to the users. They can do things like:

  • Remove all the known threats from the computers
  • Run security scans manually
  • Incorporate fundamental safety parameters
  • Troubleshoot any safety issue that arises
  • Remove the Trojans, worms, spywares, if any from the computers
  • Guide you with tips to prevent attacks
  • Brief you about the actions to be performed to eliminate the threats
  • Install important system updates
  • Clean up temporary files /registry/taskbar shortcuts/ menu/ quick launch

Anti-spyware is the weapon against the attacks as it helps to safeguard the devices from the suspicious activities. Besides, installing them, a user has to be responsible on his own that he should not access any mail, message or ads that seems undesirable. Prevention is after all a key to safety!

Go through our website or Call us at +971-55-1683152 today for more spyware malware removal services and stay relaxed.

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