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By | October 26, 2017


computer amc service

In the recent years, the computer AMC services have gained much popularity towards the proper upkeep of the computer systems and the related peripherals to enable them to give a prolonged lifespan. In general, the computer Annual Maintenance Contract AMC services are a written contract agreement between the technical service provider and the customer and it incorporates the regular maintenance of both the hardware and software in the premises.

On the contrary, the AMC also covers the fixing of certain ardent problems that keep arising from the system every now and then due to the prolonged usage.

Commercial benefits of the AMC

For most corporate’s the AMC has become the cost-effective solution as it significantly cuts down on the cost of the repairing expenses when a technical person comes to resolve the problem when on a call in basis. The most ardent component of AMC has been that some of the hardware components could be easily replaced during the AMC period itself.

Anecdote: As a matter of fact, the companies need not have to pay huge expenses that are normally incurred when a system requires an immediate service.

Some of the main facets of AMC have been mentioned below:

  • AMC constantly ensures the optimum conditions in a system throughout the tenure of AMC
  • In general, the technical solutions provider engages in providing the genuine OEM spare parts.
  • In the recent times, there has been a significant threat due to the malware and spyware setback, this problem can be easily attended to by the service technician under the AMC belt.
  • In certain cases, the AMC could even involve the technical person to be stationed at the office premises further ensuring that there are no major hindrances during the computation workflow

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