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By | August 16, 2016

Data Backup Solution

Create backups and safeguard your organization’s critical information

‘Data’ is the core of every business and losing this basic information can make any organization — large or small, completely handicapped. Consistently, data loss can cost organizations a huge number of bucks and in the consequence of a fiasco, half of little organizations are not able to recoup. For bigger associations, this expense of data loss can be considerably more noteworthy, specifically affecting income and their brand image. This makes it a subject of great importance for organizations to have a reinforcement of their basic IT frameworks. Data Backup Solutions, therefore, guarantee undisrupted business operations. Notwithstanding, industry research has demonstrated that numerous organizations either do not have an exhaustive backup arrangement set up or are exceptionally worried about the accessibility of their backups.

How can Data Backup Solutions be helpful for an organization?

Creating backup of data is a very important process for any organization. Organizations may have to face unfortunate events at any time – right from the human error, to hardware failure, to malicious software to natural disasters. In today’s competitive world, organizations cannot afford to lose the data. Just imagine a fine day, when you come to the office and whole of your data is lost. There is no possibility of you remembering figures of salary that you pay to the hundreds of the employees or any other critical data on which you had worked for weeks. A decent backup arrangement can save you against this heavy loss. Tape backup alone is not a decent arrangement. Tape backups often come up short as tapes are not that durable and regularly are not replaced and at times the tapes are not taken off site or not stored safely. That is the reason progressively organizations need an online backup arrangement. Let us learn about the benefits of the same:

Safety: When you create backup for the data, it is extremely secured because the information is coded over wire and stored with the data centers of the backup provider that must be located anywhere in Dubai or UAE, guaranteeing that the data in transit and the data that is yet at rest are profoundly secure.

Longer availability of data: With the duplicate copies of the data, the local copy guarantees quicker recovery while the remote copy facilitates redundancy and with the tape at the offsite, the data can be retained for a longer period of time.

Mind is peaceful: The adept workforce with solid backup management knowledge and skills can take the load off your shoulders as you will get rid of an additional task of monitoring backup activities and also you can gain a peace of mind as the data is in safe hands.

Scalability: Some solutions provider offer pay per gigabyte model which is quite flexible as it permits you to scale up with growing data.

Round the clock monitoring and assistance: With online reporting all the time, backup process can be monitored round the clock.

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