How Endpoint Security Solution form a Protective Measure for an Enterprise?

By | August 7, 2017

endpoint security solution

Cyber threats are on the rise, and it can be a heavy loss for any enterprise to fall prey to viruses, spam or malware and lose its confidential data. By preventing the network devices from being attacked by intruders for enterprise safety, security measures should be employed. Out of the different security solutions available, endpoint security solution have been proven to be more efficient and effective; the reason being this security solution is an extended approach to protect the endpoints like servers, mobiles, laptops, computers connected to the enterprise network etc. from potential cyber threats. This kind of security extends its security to each endpoint device.

Why exactly endpoint security solutions are important?

Endpoint security makes all the difference because when employees are using mobile devices, laptops and computers remotely from home or when on the go, a centralized security solution would not be enough and hence a more defined and an extensive security solution has evolved which is the endpoint security.  When merged with endpoint security system, the centralized security system can pave way to extra protection at the endpoints, which just are not entry points alone but access points to important data.

How does endpoint security software differ from anti-virus?

Unlike the anti-virus software which protects individual devices, the Endpoint security software secures the overall network. With endpoint software, the endpoint devices like laptops and mobile devices are secured individually with the help of anti-virus, firewall or other security software, which means the overall network is protected. This ensures high defined security to the enterprise.

Endpoint security solutions are a protective measure to safeguard the corporate data more efficiently.

We at VRS Technologies provide you the advanced endpoint security solutions for the necessary protection to your computer and network systems.

What we have as part of our endpoint security system:

  • Threat prevention with security updates
  • Detecting previously unknown threats
  • Enterprise security management with top rated threat management

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