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By | August 4, 2017

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There is a growing rise in the insecurity of computer systems and networks of many businesses today. It is due to the threats coming from external sources with the intention to steal the crucial data of your company through various mechanisms. The threat could be malware, spyware, spam, hacking or virus. Any such kind of an intrusion could put the confidential information of a business at risk, falling into the wrong hands. Plus, once a computer is infected with the virus, it might spread about to the other systems as well. So security of computer networks is utmost essential for the overall wellness of the company. For any issue falling under the roof of network insecurity or cyber insecurity, there are the unified threat management solutions, an integrated package of cyber security solutions. To prevent as well as resolve the most troublesome issues posing a threat to your business operations, impacted by threats, UTM Solutions can stand by you.

Some of the UTM solutions are:


Unauthorized emails are sent in order to steal confidential information for personal use or to direct harmful virus to the computer systems and ask for unreasonable ransom. It can be a heavy price for the company at times. Either to prevent spam from entering the system or manage its intensity, anti-spam protection is necessary.


Anti-virus program is one other security tool essential to keep the computer systems free of viruses. It can detect any suspicious files or websites with harmful software programs entering the computer systems and making them vulnerable to virus attack.

Content control filtering

Control filtering restricts access to a reader from unauthorized or restricted content which might otherwise show up on your company website. When such restricted content pops up on your website, it might be unimpressive for the business. It is good to block any such malware from entering your systems or managing it through content control filtering.


Intrusion prevention is a security solution to identify a threat and respond to it instantly and prevent the hacker from exploiting the system. It also controls the traffic by sending the right traffic and blocking the harmful ones from entering the computer system.

A company may be running a highly potential business but it should not be blind eyed about securing its computer systems from threats for a hassle-free business. To deal with cyber threats or issues accompanying them, there are companies offering Unified threat management solutions.

We at VRS Technologies in Dubai have a package of Unified threat management solutions for the overall security of your business. With prices economically reachable, we offer our services to our clients across various industries. We have partnered with Cyberoam and Watchguard, industry’s highest security platforms.

For our Unified Threat Management Solutions, call VRS Technologies at +971 55 1683152 or refer to our website


UTM Solutions for overall Network Security

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