Unified Security Management the strategy to eliminate malicious intrusions

By | November 2, 2017

In the recent years, there has been an upsurge with reference to the rapid growth of industrialization has brought numerous large enterprises under the threshold of enabling themselves towards the complete digitization in their work process and the deliverables.

unified security management

Enterprise organizations profound repercussion towards the malicious intrusions

Often these large enterprises in the conquest of digital transitions, often becomes the proven victims of some of the malicious intrusions such as the malware, spyware and ransom ware to name a few.

Under these circumstances, the need for Unified Security Management (USM) has phenomenally increased and has been strategically deployed by some of the enterprise organization in the landscape.

The impact of cloud computing over the Unified Security Management (USM)

The cloud computing has constantly evolved itself and in turn brought in a new horizon with its deployment of digital cloud across the enterprise organization. The digital cloud has in the recent past grown by leaps & bounds, wherein the multiple offices across the different locations have digitally netted with the digital hybrid cloud.

Digital Hybrid cloud implications

The digital hybrid cloud has seen its deployment in the organization have transformed itself as an emerging trend towards bringing forth the trend towards growing complexity towards housing the data in the cloud. This data has been prone to a security risk with reference to the targeted cyber setbacks.

Towards this endeavor, there seems to be an ardent need for one unified security management strategy which persistently safeguards the crucial data.

As a core component of unified security management (USM), the following strategies play a pivotal role:

  • Under the ATP (Advance Threat Protection) strategy: we would be able to undermine certain unknown threats and instantly eliminate them from further intrusions with certain actionable solutions.
  • Email and Web Security: In the recent times, the estimates have shown that certain threats have come in the form of email attachments or certain web application injections such as the SQL injections which directly penetrates the crucial coding of the web application.
  • IPS/IDS (Intrusion prevention system/intrusion detection system): One of the most crucial monitoring of USM is the IPS/IDS components. The IPS/IDS has been the strategy to diagnose certain malicious intrusions which can easily get over a firewall. These IPS/IDS have been put in place to eliminate those viruses which get through the firewalls as well.

VRS Technologies have been monitoring the pros and cons of the malicious intrusions of the malware, spyware and ransom ware, which predominantly impacts the crucial database that gets housed onto the hybrid cloud. With the unified security management (USM) we have been able to arrest the malware intrusions at the firewall level and ensuring that these intrusions does not get into the arterial local area network system in the premises.

If you are an enterprise organization and have been earnestly looking forward to safeguarding your crucial data and looking forward to one stop solution which could deploy which deploy the entire suite of anti-virus, anti-spam and firewall. Please approach us at VRS Technologies and call upon +971 55 1683152 so that our technical team handling the security management strategy could assist you for the further endeavors. Please visit our official website at www.vrstechdxb.com for more information.

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