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By | June 12, 2017

IT services company in Dubai

Here’s what we offer as a part of IT Services.

Let’s be honest. Information Technology (IT) is quite a broad term. It is so broad, that it could be misleading at times. However, we have narrowed it down to the sense that IT is essentially a term used to refer managing, processing and communicating the information, in a company/organization.  No matter in which business you are, even if it is totally unrelated to the IT, a clothing business for example; IT still plays an important role to have the business running without any glitches. In fact, it is all the more essential for Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) to have good IT Services for support as they do not have the adequate IT staff. From SMBs to MNCs, VRS Technologies is a prominent IT services company in Dubai that offers end to end IT Support, Services and Solutions.

It is utterly frustrating when the companies have to face the IT system breakdown, especially when the companies are customer-centric and a lot of targets need to be met and goals to be driven. Loss of productivity eventually leading to customer dissatisfaction, there is a lot which can go wrong when IT infrastructure fails. Realizing the needs of businesses, VRS Computers has developed a comprehensive package to cover all the IT needs of a company.

 Overview of the IT Services we offer at VRS Technologies:

Structured and Fiber Cabling:

It is basically the telecommunications network within an organization or a building campus. Under this head, we provide a plethora of services for complete security and telecommunications in your company. Our team of engineers makes sure to visit your premises to have a complete understanding of your business and suggest the right cables for setting up the network-copper or Fiber optic cable networks.

AMC for Computers & Networking:

Anything can go wrong when a lot of things are involved, especially with the electronic devices at large. VRS Computers offers a foolproof annual maintenance contract for computers as well as network to address the simple to complex issues that crop up on a daily basis. We offer 24 x7 technical supports as a part of the contract to resolve any kind of issues remotely as well as provide in-person fixing of issues if the problem is complicated, not to mention the regular maintenance and servicing.

IT Solutions:

We understand how critical your data is for your organization, essentially when there is a constant threat, with your competitors taking advantage of the situation. We provide a complete security to your data by presenting the solutions like anti-spam and endpoint security solution, backup and disaster Recovery services.

For more details on the IT services we offer at VRS Technologies, contact us at +971 56 7029840.

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