Unified Threat Management Solutions from VRS Technologies Dubai

dubai unified threat management
Comprehensive protection through Unified Threat Management Solutions with VRS technologies, Dubai

With the growing cybercrime and thefts, it has become mandatory to be over cautious and preventive towards the threats. VRS technologies, Dubai bring a 360 degree Unified threat Management for its clients along various industries and for personal requirements. It prevents spam and malware from being stored or distributed. It is a complete gateway for anti-spam, anti-virus, control/URL filtering, email filtering, intrusion prevention, and many more. It helps simplify your security without even slowing your network. And all these Unified Threat Management Services from VRS Technologies come in economical packages.

Unified Security Management (USM)

Unified Security Management of VRS technologies are an end to end platform for unified and coordinated security monitoring. The continuous threat management helps to defend today’s advanced threats. This platform provides multiple security functions without multiple consoles. It is both easy to use, install and affordable.

Network Gateway Solution

With Network Gateway solution of VRS technologies you can experience a completely new level of security performance and effectiveness. This also includes blocking emails with the links to malicious sites. It also stops spyware, spam, viruses and inappropriate content at the mail server. It acts as a central security point in web filtering and offers comprehensive and end to end protection.

Firewall Network Security

Firewall network security helps to control the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on the set security rules. The interface helps to create policies to control security risks. You have the choice to select the level of protection you need with modular subscription. Modules are available from small to mid to large business set-ups.


Our Partners in Unified Threat Management

Cyberoam and Watchguard are our gold partners along with Fortinet and Sonicwall as silver partners. These all are industry’s highest performing security platform. They give full feature and extremely fast security guarantee. And the most important all are very reasonably priced. They let you add layers of protection as per your need. They believe in simplifying systems and at the same time ensure security without slowing the systems. They have UTM appliances which are more effective and yet easy to manage.

CYBEROAM - Gold Partners VRS Technologies

CYBEROAM - Gold Partners

Cyberoam offers broad security through its range of UTM appliances. It ensures security-productivity-connectivity, offering shield over a range of network and WAN connectivity scenarios, Wi-Fi, 3G, WiMAX in addition to providing IPv6-ready security.

Key Features:
  • Centralized management and logging
  • Reporting of solutions
  • Endpoint data protection
  • Space for customization as per large, mid or small enterprise
FORTINET - Silver Partners VRS Technologies

FORTINET - Silver Partners

Fortinet is endorsed with top rated security technologies. Its UTM modules can protect your business from edge to endpoint. Fortinet continues to serve the organizations with below:

Key Features:
  • A wide set of top-rated and consolidated functions on one appliance
  • More effective along with easy to manage security solutions
  • Integrated security and IT components for the easiest deployment
  • Integrated switching and wireless access managed from the same console
SONICWALL - Silver Partners VRS Technologies

SONICWALL - Silver Partners

Sonicwall’s Unified Threat Management can give you a new experience of security effectiveness and performance. It is a gateway for intrusion prevention and content filtering in a single package with below key features:

Key Features:
  • Comprehensive security in your business
  • High performance protection
  • Remote access and wireless connectivity
  • Security management
  • Multi layered proven protection technology
WATCHGUARD - Gold Partners VRS Technologies

WATCHGUARD - Gold Partners

Watchguard UTM is all-in-one network security platform. This is a fully featured, extremely fast security appliance that can fit in your budget as well as your enterprise size.

You can have many benefits through it:
  • A powerful firewall operating system
  • No compromise with speed even if all scanning engines are running at full choke
  • One intuitive console to visualise and isolate any threat