AntiSpam And AntiVirus Protection and Endpoint Security Solutions in Dubai

AntiVirus Protection and Endpoint Security
AntiVirus, AntiSpam Protection and Endpoint Security for your Computer Systems and Networks – Professional Solution for IT Companies in Dubai.

VRS Technologies,a pioneer in offering professional IT protection for your business with appropriate solutionsbrings the latest and effective anti-virus protection and endpoint security at your service. Our team of professionals takes the efforts to detect and eliminate all emerging and potential threats by regulating our endpoint security.

Our antivirus and endpoint security services feature:

  • Scan removable media for malware
  • Provide two-way firewall protection to the data center and network
  • Provide complete protection against inbound and outbound security breaches
  • Prevent hackers to secretly install both programs on computers and thus prevent taking remote control
  • Enable to manage everything from a single console with Remote Administrator

In addition to these featured services, VRS Technologies also takes the effort to provide comprehensive email security with advanced anti-spam protection, email IPS protection against DoS and buffer over-flow attacks.

We also enable to get the full user control with the need for user installation and enable real-time detection and updates that supports immediate protection from any outbreaks.

AntiVirus Protection and Internet Security

VRS Technologies provide a full range of Anti-virus protection and internet security services that covers all your security needs.

Our services feature:
  • Full protection against all types of malware
  • Improving fast performance of your computers
  • Automatic scans to clean and keep your PC virus-free
  • Prevent unwanted applications from hi-jacking the PC

Endpoint Security for Computer Systems and Networks

VRS Technologies provides advanced endpoint security for computer systems and networks with advanced threat protection. We serve to be the ultimate destination for all your security threat protections.

We focus on:
  • Powerful threat prevention with real-time security updates
  • Advanced threat detection, including detecting previously unknown threats
  • Enterprise class management with top rated threat protection

Endpoint Security Management

VRS Technologies provides top-performing endpoint security management for all size businesses.

Our services focus to provide:
  • Best usability for the business users with our endpoint security and ease the use with strong protection
  • We serve to be the professional provider of comprehensive endpoint security management
  • We strive to integrate advanced features in our endpoint security solution

VRS Technologies is Partnered with:

KASPERSKY - Gold Partners VRS Technologies

KASPERSKY - Gold Partners

Kaspersky produces and distributes perfect information security solutions to the large companies and organizations to protect from any complex IT threats and support to manage risks involved.

Key Features:
  • Full security status reporting
  • Roll back harmful activity for the infected PC
  • Provide cloud-based information for the emerging and new threats
  • Alerts for malicious websites / web link reputation
  • Check updates for the third-party software
  • Identity protection against phishing emails / websites
ESETNOD-32 - Gold Partners VRS Technologies

ESETNOD-32 - Gold Partners

Esetnod32 serves to be an integrated antispyware, antivirus, antispam and personal firewall solutions. It ensures speed, accuracy and quality solution to the IT companies.

Key Features:
  • Eliminates Mac, Windows and Linux viruses, Trojans, rootkits and worms
  • Features removable media control
  • Prevents any complex malware infection from USB flash drives, DVDs and CDs
  • Suspends pop-up notifications, scanning and scheduled tasks
  • Cloud enhanced Whitelisting allows fast and accurate malware detection
  • Smart detection features will help identify viruses and cyber threats
  • HIPS – Host Based Intrusion Prevention system blocks unauthorized changes to the programs
TrendMicro - Silver Partners VRS Technologies

TrendMicro - Silver Partners

Trend Micro provides the network security against known, unknown and zero-day vulnerabilities. It also provides security against dynamic threats.

Key Features:
  • Complete network security
  • Enhanced and advanced threat protection across the enterprise
  • Next-generation intrusion prevention system
  • Provide maximum and premium security to virus and spyware detection and cleaning
  • Prevention of unauthorized change of security system
  • Complete protection from malicious links in the instant messengers
McAfee - Silver Partners VRS Technologies

McAfee - Silver Partners

McAfee provides the complete security solutions to protect your systems and emails. McAfee eliminates the need to invest in additional infrastructure, while giving excellent protection to the information.

Key Features:
  • All security products are easy and fast to use
  • Gives complete protection without interference
  • Reliable and highly powerful protection
  • Features network manager, New Quick Scan and Anti-phishing
  • Features shredder, which allows to remove any or all traces of confidential files from the computer