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IT Services and Its Importance

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With the constantly increasing influence of technology on every field, IT services have become an integrated and important part of every industry. Everything these days is maintained from the computer and it has become impossible to imagine the world with all these technologies. The IT is taking the world by storm and every sector is adapting to the change. With increasing technology, the demand for better IT service and maintenance are also increasing. A company can accomplish a lot with good IT support and well maintained IT infrastructure. And this is true for all kinds of business, old or new.

It is a difficult thing to take care of an organization and maintain its IT section as well. And this is where we, the professional IT service providers, come in. We at VRS TECH DXB take care of all your IT needs. From set up to total maintenance, we cover it all.

Here are the 5 major services covered under IT Services by us :

Offline support help desk : Offline or remote service is offered via telephone or email. In this case, our technical experts resolve the issue by giving instructions or by taking control of your computer remotely and solving issues. Mostly software and network related issues are taken care of through offline support.
On-site support: On-site support is when our technicians go to the site and resolve the issue. In big IT companies, the setup often requires rewiring, hardware replacement, and re installation. Sometimes even in the case of network failure, onsite support is required. Our service has highly experienced team of engineers who take care of such issues and guarantees to solve them in minimum time.
Server : Most IT setups come with a server that is installed with the rest of the hardware set up. The server processes the request of customer’s computer. The server acts as a bridge between the business and the outside world. Any problem with the server can be a major issue. Our service makes sure that your server is never interrupted.
Backup : Data loss can be a nightmare for a company and can result in loss of fortune. And in such cases, an immediate data backup is required. We are always prepared for that. In the case of any data loss, our team will recover the data and make sure you don’t face any problem.
Security: Our IT service provides total security of your network from viruses, malware, and hackers. Our security keeps your computer and data totally secure and safe from any unwanted trespasser.

VRS TECH DXB is the best IT service provider. We have been serving for many years and over time, our quality of service and professional behavior has helped us gain the trust and confidence of many major organizations in the city. We provide the best quality of service at the most affordable quote.

Contact us at +971-56-7029840 today and visit our website for more details about our services.

Unified Threat Management Solutions

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Your security is our priority

Security threat in IT industries is a real thing and team of experts is constantly up to making things better and more secured. Every company is trying to manage security but not all are very successful at it. This makes them vulnerable and easy targets for cyber criminals.

Large enterprises have critical security measures which make it difficult for hackers to cross their firewall and steal or mess up their data. But small or medium scale companies have weaker security systems compared to those of larger enterprises, and thus, they become easy prey for these cyber criminals who commit financial fraud or steal vital information, which they might misuse for their benefit.

We are VRS Technologies. We assure safety and security against cyber crime. We provide 360-degree security against all kinds of cyber crime. Our Unified Threat Management system is the best in the industry. Our smart firewall prevents malware, viruses, spams, adware, etc. from entering your system. You can also manage email filtering, URL control, intrusion and many other features. Our security has been proven to be the best. We are highly experienced and we have served for many years. And our customers have remained happy and satisfied throughout.

Our objective remains to provide world-class security to our clients. Weather it’s a small company or a huge one, our quality of service remains the same. Our corporate firewall keeps unwanted traffic off your network and keeps scanning your network for any unwanted traffic. It prevents any trespassing attempt by hackers into your network to steal data or do any harm. Out firewall is made of advanced programming which enables it to update itself. And once installed very minimal manual support is required. Our firewall even has advanced options that even protect your company websites, allows guest users to join your network and much more. We have one intuitive console to visualize and isolate any threat. Ours is an enterprise-grade security system that provides a total package of unified security management, network gateway solutions, and firewall security.

We have a long list of clients who trust only us when it comes to their security. We have been serving security for many years and we have earned our reputation with our compassionate service and ability keep our promise.

Our service is also the most pocket-friendly service amongst all. We quote the most reasonable for our comprehensive security, high-performance protection, and multi-layered defense.

Call us at +971-56-7029840 today for more about UTM solutions,Unified Security Management and Firewall Network Security in Dubai.

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