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VRS Technologies: All about Network Cables and Installations

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Here is why VRS Technologies is one of the best network cabling companies in Dubai…

End of the day everything boils down to communication. In some or the other form, there is a constant need to pass on the information. Similarly, when the computers talk, the information needs to be transferred. That is communication. Network Cabling basically enables the communication between the computers across the borders possible. Be it data or voice, it needs to be communicated to have an organisation up and running. For effective communication between the computers, authentic network cabling installations are required. VRS Technologies LLC stands to be the front runner among the network cabling companies in Dubai, providing the most efficient network cabling installations for your company keeping all the requirements of the client in mind as well as taking the local codes/law/ordinances that are specific to Dubai, into consideration.

People have been trying to find innovative ways to communicate and it dates back to 1844 when a scientist Samuel Morse has made a successful attempt at passing down the information across 37 miles with a medium called telegraph. While at that time the communication was made using the binary system involving the dots and dashes, today, the binary system followed uses ones and zeros. Of late, communication is possible with or without cables. The Internet is also a network where the computers across the world communicate without the use of the cables. However, in this article, we will concentrate on the communication between the computers using different type of cables, routers and switches.

Different data cables used in Network cabling installations

It requires a well-informed technician to decide on the right cable for a particular functionality.

Copper Based cables :

As much as 10 Gbps of data every second can be transferred using the copper cables. However, newer cables are being used, the advantages of which surpass the data transfer limit of the copper cables, like the fiber optic cables.
The Coaxial cables usually referred to as “coax” are used for the standard 10 Mbps data transfer. There is an inner copper wire surrounded by the insulating material that forms the coaxial cables. Due to the stiffness of these cables, network administrators find it difficult to install it in a network.
Twisted pair cables are ideal for Ethernet cabling which when introduced in the 1990s transferred 10 Mbps data. However, the improved versions have been transferring 100 Mbps of data, which of late have reached the data transfer limits of 10 Gbps. There are (Unshielded Twisted Pair) UTP and (Shielded Twisted Pair) STP. The UTP is commonly used for Ethernet due to its low cost and efficient data transfer.

Fiber Optics:

Copper cables interfere with the electric signals. The environments which demand the use of non-copper cables is the place where the fiber optic cables are used. These cables are made up of glass or plastic fibers enclosed in an insulated shielding. Due to the flexibility of the material, higher bandwidth and longer run, these cables are deployed of late especially for the Wide Area Network (WAN) installations where longer runs of the cables are required.

Why VRS Technologies for Network Cabling in Dubai

We at VRS Technologies understand the importance of the network cabling installations for your organisation. Right from the consultation, planning and incorporation, we offer our services from the start through finish. Our team of adept professionals have an excellent understanding of the local codes or laws in Dubai, which we follow to the end to avoid any sort of inconvenience at a later time. We carry our well laid out plans to the fullest extent to offer flexibility while making future additions, changes or moves possible.

For network cabling services in Dubai, contact VRS Technologies LLC at +971 56 7029840.