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Annual maintenance contract : pivotal component to resolve bottlenecks.

Annual Maintenance Contract

In a typical situation where your computer peripherals such as your laptop, PC motherboard, printer or even, for that matter the keyword develops a glitch and you are unable to work on the system with these ardent problems.

As a matter of fact, in the current trend, we are constantly and persistently depended on these gadgets day-in and day-out. In these situations, the wisest option before you is choosing the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). There are umpteen numbers of technical service providers across who could resolve the problems related to the peripherals.

Under the AMC services Dubai, the technical vendor have been relentlessly assisting the customers towards maintaining their devices such as the desktops, laptops, printers etc., in a meticulous fashion that the device could be used for a prolonged period of time. Through, Annual maintenance contract Dubai, you can really expect to use your devices without any possible bottlenecks for a complete year which comes to you free of cost.

In a nutshell, the under the Annual Maintenance contract, one can expect the proper safeguarding of these devices:

  • Branded Servers
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Thin clients
  • workstations

Annual Maintenance contract for large enterprises

The annual maintenance contract has, in fact, become the boon for large enterprises, as through the AMC, the customer’s potential problems are being attended to within the less turnaround time (TAT) as even a single minute delay would be a major conflict to the enterprises.

In most cases, under AMC; the technical vendor would be able to have a regular site visit and then resolve the bottleneck. The technical experts are always pro-active and vigil when it comes to the software malfunctions and
as preventive maintenance procedures implement the software patches to the software systems which in turn protects the software for certain untoward incident.

Network services have always proven to be the major bottleneck in the large enterprise

It goes without mentioning that, a network system in a large enterprise is the major nerve system and regular maintenance of network services are the key to having successful communication systems. A company is known to be functioning optimally when the network systems are regularly maintained. The technical vendor has a got an instrumental role in resolving the bottleneck in the local area network (LAN), so under the AMC, the skilled technicians constantly monitor the network systems by basing themselves completely at the client side.

Server Support services as a part of AMC services Dubai

The Server is the major component for large enterprises as these are the database repository and has been considered the pivotal component for major companies. In fact, the server needs to be taken care of meticulously and the technical vendor has to be technically sound to resolve the major bottleneck which keeps cropping up in the server.

The AMC services Dubai, always ensures that these are properly maintained and constantly ensure that the backups are taken at regular intervals.

In the event, that if you are keen to take up the AMC for your organization, please do not hesitate to approach us for the same. Please call us at +971 55 1683152, or visit for more comprehensive information about AMC


Firewall Network Security: The ardent pre-requisite for corporate network

Firewall Network Security has been the most ardent pre-requisite for many corporate companies when it comes to the business communication systems are concerned. In today’s emerging communication systems, there have been frequent threats with reference to the certain ransom ware penetrations in the company’s major network system which has resulted in the complete chaos towards the data storage and safeguarding is concerned.

Firewall protection has become mandatory for large enterprises which houses the complete crucial database within them and proper safeguarding and protection becomes the de facto standards.

firewall network security

Firewall as a comprehensive network security

In general, a firewall is generally referred as the initial entry point for the internet service provider (ISPs) connectivity to the internal connectivity to the numerous workstations being connected with each other through local area network (LAN). The firewall has been considered as the initial and the major checkpoint and the protective wall for the internal network from the malicious attack of the malware, spyware and the viruses which otherwise has the inherent capability to attack the local LAN.

In most cases, there are three main components which are apparently implemented in the large enterprises as major contingency strategic plans:

  • Firewall as the initial checkpoint for the ISP
  • Network Security Software which eventually compliments the firewall systems
  • The patch management, which is frequently updated to have protect the network systems

In today’s evolving digital trend, there is a plethora of network security software’s which are available in the market today, which are instrumental in enhancing the finest protection for the internal network of the organization against any sort of potential threats.

The latest variant of the antivirus software has been constantly dominating the firewall towards the enhanced protection to the internal network; in fact, there are quite a few patches which become an instrumental role in further ensuring that the internal networks are seamlessly maintained.

In the case of large enterprises, the firewall incorporates the network security software within the centralized server and the entire workstation is implemented with the most upgraded versions of Windows OS, there is an immense scope for the automatic updates that keep happening from the windows update server.

The network security software which has been installed in the centralized server constantly monitors the entire local area network. Further, it becomes a boon for the firewall protection vendors to constantly monitor the threats and ensure that the virus, spyware and the malware are completely removed.

In the event that you are company is looking out for the Firewall network security services for your enterprise organizations, please bank on us at VRS Technologies for the same as we are the pioneers in the market towards the implementations of the firewall network systems. Please call us on +971 551683152, for more information please visit our official website at


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Network Cabling Installation -The most pivotal component in an enterprise organization

Network cabling Installation

Network cabling installations have always been the most important and the most procedural component in an enterprise organization as a whole, which is predominantly deployed to have the seamless network connectivity among the multiple workstations. These multiple workstations are connected to the various variants of the server editions over the local area network (LAN) and ultimately encompass the client-server architecture.

The network cabling installation is comprised of structured cabling systems which, in turn play a crucial role as they become the vital component to connect to the internet service providers (ISP) for the seamless internet connectivity to the enterprise and further plays an instrumental role in connecting with the multiple workstations and the servers in a LAN. In fact, it could be worth mentioning that network connectivity has, in fact, outshine many organizations in the global map only for the efficient network system.

The ardent benefits of the network cabling installations are as follows:

  • In an organization, efficient networking systems have always held assisted towards maintaining the standard procedures.
  • The network cabling, when deployed as per the set standards, has immensely instrumental in the efficient data transfer, which course has been the component to reduce the costs.
  • The most important parameter with network cabling has always been to saving time and increase the overall productivity of the company.
  • The most important facet of structural cabling has been the yardstick which could support both the data and the voice capability through their connectivity.
  • They are always used as a cost effective solution as they can be removed or reinstalled at any time without much disruption and potential damage.

    VRS Technologies have always been spearheading itself with the network connectivity in an organization

    VRS Technologies have constantly spearheaded in the network cabling installations and have hence the most preferred vendor to have the end-to-end implementation of the network cabling installations for most of the major corporations in Dubai, UAE.

    Our take on the technical support for the deployed network cabling

    We have built a unique niche in the market with reference to rendering the excellent technical support for the already deployed network cabling and ensure that there are no possible network blocks which lead to the disruption in the connectivity.

    We have an exclusive technical team in place wherein they keep monitoring the redundancy of the network cabling constantly and further ensuring that these network cables are aligned properly.

    VRS Technology has persistently maintained the data centers and ensured the optimum scalability

    Data centers are one of the most crucial entities, which ensure the safeguard of the data flow from the umpteen workstations. VRS Technology has always been on a constant vigil monitoring the interconnecting fiber optic cabling so that the data centers are managed seamlessly well.

    Our expert technical personnel, who are deployed at the data centers, are proven experts in terms of the quick resolution to the technical glitch if any from the data centers.

    In the event that if you are keenly looking forward to a technical partner who is capable to deploy, troubleshoot and restore the network connectivity in an enterprise, in that case, you can surely bank on us for the same. Please get in touch with us at VRS Technologies or call us at +971 55 1683152. For more information on the Network cabling installation, please visit our official website at


Backup and Disaster Recovery: Predominantly drives Enterprises attention

In today’s fast evolving digital scenario, umpteen numbers of corporate businesses, enterprises regardless of the kind of industrial domain they are in, the data which they handle day-in and day-out becomes a crucial component in defining the operations of the company.

As we are constantly on our daily routines of frequently plugging-in and plugging-out in the corporate world, there is a likely chance for a significant data loss pertaining to your important documents photos and videos anytime.

backup and disaster recovery

Data loss manifests as the worst nightmare

If one thinks about the data loss, then, in that case it would indeed transform as the worst nightmare for anyone and would turn out to be a grave concern for large enterprises in specific.

Data loss: A major concerns across the industry segments

In the recent years, the backup and disaster recovery systems have become the buzzword for most corporate as this has become the most pivotal components which has become the de-facto strategies to safeguard the data pertaining to the organization be it the:

  • The financial records for a bank
  • The data concerning the files on tax returns for the financial institutions.
  • The inventory records pertaining to the manufacturing company.

The real embarrassment

In fact, it would turn out to be a real embarrassment if these crucial data is on the threshold of loss and if such this does happen, it would bring about a complete chaos in the organization and would eventually bring about the unrecoverable financial burden for most of the companies across the landscape.

The possible data recovery for the lost data

VRS Technologies have been considered as a major player for the complete backup and disaster recovery solutions in Dubai, UAE. We have very much ensured the smooth functioning of the enterprise,  organizations by rendering the seamless data protection services.

VRS Technologies have a complete take on the backup and the data recovery

With the possibility of the excellent data recovery and the optimum backing up the data for various enterprises in Dubai, UAE, we have gained a unique reputation in the market and transforming ourselves the most prominent niche in Dubai.

We are backed up a team of technical experts in-house who have a proven expertise in the industry for the data recovery. Our data retrieval experts are completely aware of possible data recovery protocols, and strive hard to recover the data from any sources at the earliest possible time, thereby contributing to a significant value addition.

In the event, that you are on the verge of a significant data loss or have already have lost the crucial data, in this situation, you need not worry. We are always there to assist you towards this endeavor and ensure that your crucial data is restored back. Please call us on +971 55 1683152 so that our data recovery and the backup team could swing up into action at the earliest. We would also appreciate if you could have a comprehensive idea about our range of services at

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Network Cabling Services for a Scalable Business

Cabling connects the different network systems and is responsible for the communication between them. So, before setting up a network, one has to choose the right cabling, which tells how the well the communication needs are fulfilled. If the network cabling is the apt one, the transmission of data, voice or video between the network systems can be of quality. When there can be quality and performance in the communication, the foundation for a fruitful business is laid. Once the cabling is decided, the next step is to look for network cabling services for implementing the right plans.

network cabling services

Few things to be considered for choosing the network cabling

  • The bandwidth tells as to how fast the data is transmitted through the network and so, greater the bandwidth; the more will be the speed with which the information can move. Even for future bandwidth expansions, the cabling should provide sufficient room.
  • It should be checked if the network cabling used is able to transmit the information up to the desired distances without any distortion such that no other equipment is necessary for achieving the same.
  • Certain network equipment like photocopiers creates electromagnetic interference and prevents the information from transmitting smoothly. Cabling that can withstand the electromagnetic interference is a good option.
  • If the cabling will allow you in expanding the network or not, especially with less equipment, is another aspect that needs a consideration.
  • How much the cabling costs is another fact not be neglected as one could either save or spend on the cabling chosen
  • With growing requirements of communications, there are ample chances for expanding the network. During the network cabling installation, it should be regarded if the network cabling gives allowance for future expansion.
  • If the network cabling used is capable of serving multiple telecommunication needs like that of data, voice and video, or not.

When these basic details are taken care of the network cabling used will serve the communication needs as desired and you could achieve a scalable business. It may be tough to weigh all the key factors all by yourself and network cabling service providers can intervene to do the job right for you.

If you are looking up for a reliable network cabling installation provider in Dubai, VRS Technologies might be the one. We are proud to say we are specialized in dealing with any type of network cabling services, hence, we plan, design and implement scalable and secured cabling systems.

Be it building a new company, relocating or upgrading, contact VRS Technologies at +971 55 1683152 for the reliable network cabling solutions to derive the expected business output. Our website will give you more insight of our cabling solutions and services

How an Enterprise Benefits by Adopting the Structured Cabling Solutions

Irrespective of whether the enterprise is IT based or not, depends on telecommunications i.e. data, voice or video communications. The overall business revolves round the flow of data and the cabling tells how well it is exchanged between the network and its devices. Also, how these network systems communicate with one another to transmit data is the core of a productive business. The better the communication, the higher is the ROI. As you invest, so you reap out of it. Whenever the enterprise needs to set up a data centre, it is worth having forethought before arriving at the apt cabling solution for connecting the hardware. The structured cabling solutions are proven to be reliable for organizing the network of the enterprise.

structured cabling solutions

How structured cabling solutions are an advantage for the enterprise

The needs of communications have taken a steep rise; the cabling system should be able to comprehend the same by adapting the needs constantly and reaching potentiality. Any amount of data demands will be met for the communications to take place on a larger scale, enabling higher returns on investment.
When there is a requirement for the future expansion of the enterprise, the structured cabling offers to cut down the costs of it. At the same time, it is also easy to make modifications in the hardware the data center equips, as the architecture of the structured cabling system permits the same.
Whenever the data center is necessitated by a shift, the organized structured cabling enables it without having to invest much time.

What can be the possible result of not adopting the structured cabling?

The structured cabling system is highly organized and there is no other cabling system offering the same arrangement. The traditional cabling is messy and disorganized that it gives more chances to downtime issues and possible errors, hindering productivity.

The traditional cabling cannot adapt to the ever-growing changes and communication needs unlike the structured cabling which in contrast offers adaptability, flexibility and less downtime.

VRS Technologies is a specialist in Dubai, UAE, offering tailor-made structured cabling solutions for your network communication systems. With our skilled technicians, we come up with well-planned strategies for designing the network infrastructure with our structured cabling solutions, cutting down the cost of the overall infrastructure. We are specialized in planning the cabling installation for any kind of environment to benefit your business.

Contact VRS Technologies at +971 55 1683152 to organize your infrastructure smart with the structured cabling solutions we have to offer. For a clear insight of our solutions and services, go to our website

VRS Technologies-an Organizer for the right Network Cabling Dubai


Network cabling Dubai

The present generation is technology bound that you could say technology is leading the world. With inbound knowledge and all the available resources, the transition in technology is fast-paced. No new invention today would surprise us since we are always working toward a new one. We have in turn laid ideas as to where technology will leap further. The change in technology is never ending. Our networks and their devices, which are dependent on technology, need a thought as they are the spinning wheels of exchanging and transferring data. It is the cabling that transfers the data through the network and how well it is made depends on various factors. If the data moves between the devices and networks with ease and speed, there can be a great productivity in the business.

Why is the network cabling dependent?

  • There are new applications evolving today and the need has arisen for a high-performance cabling
  • Not only today’s but the cabling established should be able to suffice the needs of the future high-speed applications
  • The type of cabling should be compared for matching the requirements of the infrastructure
  • The environmental factors decide as to what type of cabling is suitable for the network
  • The cabling depends on the type of architecture of the network system
  • There are emerging trends of high-speed data transfer and that the cabling made should meet this need
  • The Flexibility the cabling has for transferring data is another criterion
  • If the cabling is susceptible to external changes like electromagnetic or radio frequency or not
  • Old methods need to be updated to keep with the latest technology trends for better network performance delivery

If the network cabling is well-planned keeping the above factors in mind, the cabling can bring rewards for the enterprise by moving the data between the network and devices with high speed and performance for a better result and output. Deciding on the type of cabling and how it is implemented for the network needs a well-designed plan and approach, which VRS Technologies accomplishes for you. With a well-performed Network cabling Dubai your enterprise can achieve a progressive business.

Contact VRS Technologies at +971 55 1683152 for a high-end network cabling system for your business or refer to our website for further detail.

UTM Solutions for overall Network Security

The internet is a resourceful tool enabling us to get connected to the world. As such the world has the same privilege as connecting to us. This is how we are prone to cyber threats and thefts. One can utilize what the internet has to offer us but the other way around, it might be used for selfish means as well and the same has been happening time and again.

UTM Solutions

Through harmful malware hidden in emails and websites disguised as legitimate, sensitive information has been falling prey to the unauthentic sources. Identity theft, phishing, social engineering and many other sorts of cyber threats are creating a deep sense of insecurity with the personal information like credit card or bank details or other crucial information falling into the wrong hands. To be cautious enough, our networks and devices need to be well-protected. For those who could realize the importance of network security, safety is always by their side.

Further, there are different ways a network may be insecure like due to virus, spam and many more for which a single solution might not be sufficient. Here is where a Unified Threat Management solution would suffice to all kinds of network insecurities coming up with multiple security options.

An overview of UTM

A UTM is a single security solution for multiple security issues. With the help of a UTM appliance, the UTM provides a comprehensive security solution with anti-virus, anti-spam, anti- spyware, firewall network security , intrusion detection, content filtering etc. As the threats are not specific but vary, one security solution would not be enough for all sorts of cyber issues, so securing the network with UTM will ensure overall security.

One dealer for all kind of security issues

Threats are not uniform but come in blended forms to cause insecurity at different points of the network. There arises the need for different security appliances to deal with each and every security issue separately. A UTM solutions (Unified Threat management) extends overall security under one roof with its solutions for different kinds of network insecurities. With the single point security source UTM provides, it is easier to manage issues with varied threats.

If your network is not yet secured with the UTM, it is time you found it necessarily important for a high network security. VRS Technologies in Dubai is a trustable destination for Unified Threat Management solutions that come in economical packages, which includes anti-spam, anti-virus, control filtering, email filtering, intrusion prevention and many more.

To secure your network from all kinds of cyber issues with our comprehensive UTM solutions, contact VRS Technologies on +971 55 1683152 or refer to our website to learn more about our Unified Threat Management solutions


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Firewall Network Security-a step beyond Anti-Virus

Ever since its inception, internet has gained so much of importance and popularity which, evidently, will continue so long as the internet exists. As much good it can do in our day to day lives, it can be unsafe too. It is through the internet that unsafe things travel, finally causing insecurity to our computer networks. The world has witnessed many cases of cyber insecurity where hackers or intruders have taken unfair advantages of the limitless use one could make of the internet. Certainly, with harmful tools, they began to steal sensitive data, send virus or demand a huge sum of ransom by encrypting all the important files. None, be it an individual or a big or small sized business could afford to fall into such an unsafe zone. So the right decision would be to look for ways to have well-protected computers.

firewall network security

There have come into existence security measures into the market with many security companies and providers coming up to offer. Anti-virus is the most common type of software intended to secure your computer from virus attacks. Anti-virus would not be enough but in addition a firewall network security should be installed to protect the overall network and beef up the security.

What is anti-virus?

An anti-virus is software that is intelligent enough to prevent, search for, detect and remove viruses and other malicious software from the computer, disallowing further spread-out of the virus aiming to harm the computer. Anti-virus detects and removes the virus which has already gained access.

What is a firewall?

A firewall is a kind of network security which blocks the incoming and outgoing traffic. In most plain terms, a firewall network security system blocks malicious programs or websites from gaining access to the network but gives way to the right and authentic programs to pass through the network. This way, all the harmful programs, emails, websites can be barred from causing threats to the computer’s important files, data and programs.

Just synonymous to how a firewall prevents fire from spreading out across a building; a network firewall prevents threats from entering your network and spreading it to the other computers.

Why a firewall protection should be employed in addition to anti-virus?

The loopholes in the security should not be incentives for insecurity in the network and so one should consider, why anti-virus is not enough. An anti-virus can handle the detection and removal of the virus, infecting the computers. As a noticeable fact, every day new sorts of virus are being crafted and it may take a while for the anti-virus company to update the anti-virus software program. Instead a firewall can strictly create a blockade for any kind of virus attempting to infiltrate your computer. With a firewall installed, the harmful dangers of network infiltration can be kept at a distance.

Installation of both anti-virus software and the firewall network security is the ideal security measure.

We, at VRS Technologies Dubai, offer Firewall network security to control security risks and let you have the choice of opting for different modules of subscription for the same.

You can reach VRS Technologies on +971 55 1683152 for the firewall and other network security to protect your critical assets. You may go to our website for the various security solutions we offer.

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