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Endpoint Security Solution becomes the paramount solution for corporates

The technology has literally cascaded itself in today’s context with an upsurge of increased mobility in the workplace and the corporate enterprises completely adopting the BYOD (bring your own devices) in place as a strategically defined security policy which literally allows the access of certain computing devices such as the smartphones, laptops and tablets to name a few in the workplace and gaining entry into the corporate security networks.

endpoint security solution

The endpoint has been the most crucial terminal ends where multiple devices get connected to; either through the wired and wireless way and the need to protect the end points has steadily increased in the past few decades.

Gone are the days, when the enterprises used to measure the threats merely as the virus and malware and in this particular realm, the endpoint security solution has been the most challenging task for the enterprise organization to keep pace with and it almost becomes very much imperative to enforce the sturdier security solutions at the endpoint terminals as the companies get into more digitization and mobile friendly.

Endpoint security solution as a yardstick to counter the cyber threat

Endpoint security solution has been considered a pivotal entity in preventing the early setback of a presumptive cyber setback as there seems to be a profound increase in the usage of devices and data across the network and more particularly onto the wireless network paradigms.

The problems even gets compounded with the changing demographics of the employees with reference to their network usage and moving further it has become a critical component for organizations to constantly safeguard the network systems and the associated assets for a security lapse.

Anecdote: If the companies compromise on the efficacy of the endpoint security solution, it would indirectly mean that there is an increased vulnerability of the organization to get prone to increasing cyber threats.

Proven complexity of a malware

It has been observed that there has been a substantial increase of malware infections in the network systems and this has increased vulnerability of the possible disaster which is bound to happen at an alarming rate, in this particular situation; the endpoint security becomes the prime pre-requisite to enable the organizations to stay protected throughout the network. The implementation and the subsequent deployment of the endpoint security solution as a possible web security preventive measures.

The cloud-computing realm as a source next-gen endpoint security solution

As the technology space keeps evolving in the enterprise ecosystem, the cloud-computing has become a kind of deployment where the endpoint security solutions are completely governed.

Endpoint security solutions have been the most debated strategy among the enterprise organization and in this particular horizon; VRS Technologies have always fostered itself towards bringing about new dimensions for the end point security in the premises various channels such as cloud computing and firewall security solutions. If you are the organization and are keen to protect your premises through endpoint security solutions; please approach us at VRS Technologies and call us at +971 55 1683152 and visit us at


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Thematic applications of Fiber Optic Cable Network across the industry

The fiber optic cable or simply put the optic fiber has been the cable network system which predominantly uses the light instead of electricity to transmit the signals through it.

fiber optic cable network

As an analogy, the fiber optic cable network has been considered as the fastest mode of transmitting signals and the complete attribute of it is towards the glass cladding which encapsulates the cable components and as per a recent survey, the fiber optic cable signals are known to carry the signals for long distance connectivity.

Fiber optic less prone to distortions: The unique distinction of a fiber optic cable has been attributed towards the signal strength, since glass does not get prone to any sort of interference from the electro magnetics, the signal usually is carried with more bandwidth.

The architecture of fiber optic cable

Fiber optic cable structurally is referred to as the bundles and each bundle is encapsulated by a jacket which is an outer covering, the core or the central mid-line is the one which carries the light within and cladding becomes the special addition to ensure that the light does not get interfered with any distortions. Apart from that the cable is also coated with plastic as this constantly guards the cable system from any bends or moisture if any.

Fiber optics have become the industry standard today for most of their applying tasks

  • Companies capitalizing on the speed component

In today’s time, the organization at large are always quantifying themselves towards the speed component and in this particular realm, the fiber optics have generally been able to accommodate and the in turn been able to sustain the bandwidth of more than 10GB per second for both incoming and outgoing messages.

The most important criterion behind choosing the fiber optic cable network is towards the data transmission for the servers and data centers. The data centers and servers constantly complement each other with reference to the digital data which comprises of both the data and voice together.

  • Fiber Optics and its applying principle in the medical fraternity

In the recent times, the fiber optics has been found to bring about precise illumination; it instantly enables the biomedical sensor which aids in minimally invasive medical procedures.

Since, the fiber optics is less prone to any electromagnetic interference; the fiber optic cable has been an ideal tool for many of the tests being conducted such as the MRI scans and other allied testing such as the X-ray imaging, endoscopy, light therapy and surgical microscopy.

Anecdote: The cladding brings about high refractive index and the light that is being reflected internally is meticulously transmitted in the zigzag fashion and constantly ensures that the data that is being transmitted goes without further leakage.

Fiber optics as a network has become more and more popular in the market segment today which enables to facilitate the telecommunication applications and its robustness. VRS Technologies have been in their limelight always to bring about radical change to the corporate by enabling faster communication networks. If you are an entity who is looking forwards for certain digitally enabled tasks; please approach us at VRS Technologies and call us at +971 55 1683152. Please visit our official site at


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How the Firewall network security been component for contingency

Firewalls have transitioned itself as an extremely potential asset of an organization as far as the network security infrastructure is concerned as in today’s digitized world, the firewall network security have been the core component in itself towards empowering the network security over the cloud paradigm.

Before dwelling much into the finer aspects of network security and its realms, let us understand some of the key essentials which make the firewall as a protective shield.

firewall network security

How firewall network transforms itself as the primordial methods of fortification?

Firewall Network security has been the primordial methods of protection to the connected computer systems in a network environment, these connected computers predominantly use the internet services for their plethora of accomplishments in the real time.

In the recent years, there has been a raising concern over the usage of internet and significantly posing a threat from the hackers end towards possible network havoc and further leading to the complete disruptions to their daily work schedule.

Anecdote: Firewall systems have been persistently filters the unauthorized access to and from a network. In the recent years, there has been a constant evolution of firewall which has an ability to combat the latest malware traits which are aimed to create havoc.

How firewalls have been able to combat to the ever increasing cyber threats?

As per a recent analysis done recently on the firewall systems, the firewall systems have become a major strategy for numerous corporate entities with reference to bringing about the new generation firewalls or the NGFWs. The NGFWs have emerged as a deployment methodology which brings about the protection paradigms to constantly filter out and eradicate the latest virus traits in the network systems.

Anecdote: The NGFWs in the recent years have undergone a massive transformation which aids to combat the new virus traits which is specifically designed to invade the computer systems and thereby enabling the network systems with optimum performance.

How do firewalls protect businesses?

  • In today’s times, the firewalls have been known to filter out the malicious intrusions of the virus at the end points itself so that the virus does not penetrate into the network system in the premise network.
  • The firewalls which are specifically designed for corporate entity have incorporated certain new amendments which are quite proven to eliminate certain complex malicious intrusions such as the ransom ware, spyware to name a few.
  • Apart from that, the firewall has been specifically designed to have an extended network protection for a large corporate organization, wherein the organizations do have multiple offices.
  • Technically, the firewalls have been modeled in such a way that it could bring about a countercheck towards the email protection.

In today’s complex business structure, the malware and the subsequent malicious software becomes the primary threat to the computer networks and it is estimated that viruses have been the malware trait which causes much havoc to the systems. In this trend, VRS Technologies have always been a vital component to eradicate the malicious intrusions and ensure the organization to be completely free from any potential threat. Please call upon +971-55-1683152 and please visit our official site at


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