Fiber optic cable network the core network to transmit higher bandwidth

By | November 7, 2017

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the fiber optic cable network has transitioned itself as one of the core components among the large enterprises towards the transmission of the voice and data. Typically, the fiber optic cable incorporates the technology, which brings about the dynamic transmission of glass in the form of fiber threads which resembles the size and diameter of a human hair. The fiber threads are quite capable to transmit voice and data from one place to another in the format of modulated light waves.

fiber optic cable network

Anecdote: As per the recent analogy, the fiber optic cables are quite competent enough to accommodate within it the greater bandwidths which are beyond 100-Gbits/sec for a single mode and 50-Gbits/sec for multimode.

The fiber optic cable network architecture

Typically, the fiber optic cable network comprises of the component called as the optic cable core and this core carries the data transmission from one end to the other end. This core is encapsulated with layers of glass which is termed as cladding. The cladding plays an important role in safeguarding the glass and the safe transmission of the data.

Anecdote: The data transmission through fiber optic cables can be compared to that of a light emitting diode (LED’s), since light travels faster than any other medium and it is the same concept being used in fiber optic cabling and more importantly light is never hindered by any electromagnetic interference as compared to the copper cables.

Fiber optic cabling networks become the core component for data centers

The data centers are the central repository for data which integrates both voice and data together. These data centers receive these data transmissions from the servers on a persistent basis and in order to maintain the consistency in the network the fiber optic cabling plays an instrumental role. Since the fiber optic cabling is less prone to any sort of interference, it is typically used for data center connectivity.

Types of fiber optic cabling based on the transmission rates

The fiber optic cable is further comprised of two different fiber types:

  • The single mode fiber: The single-mode fiber cable accommodates within it a very thin glass strands which are quite capable of handling 100 Gbits/sec data transfer and typically uses the laser to generate light which is used in the data transmission. The single mode fiber is generally used in long-distance fiber transmission for data and voice.
  • The multimode fiber: The multimode fiber cable accommodates the light emitting diode (LED) to transmit the data. The multimode fiber cables are capable of handling 40Gbits/sec and are typically used to transmit the data for short distances.The fiber optic cabling can be broadly categorized on the basis of its structure going further with the single mode fiber and multitude fiber:
  • FTTP is abbreviated as Fiber to the premises; it is the core component of multimode fiber
  • FTTB is abbreviated as Fiber to the building; it is the core component of single mode fiber.

    Benefits of Fiber optics for enterprise

  • The larger organizations always require the higher data transmissions since it runs the web applications which at times require high bandwidth capacity and to compensate this, the fiber cables which render more than 100 Gbps are quite beneficial to enable the companies to sustain itself in the digitized world.
  • The second most ardent reason is that the fiber optic cabling is less prone to any hindrances as compared to the conventional copper cables.

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