Firewall Network Security emerged as a methodology to safeguard network

By | November 9, 2017

In the recent years, with the emergence of complete digitization among the enterprise organization which has brought in certain contingency methodologies in place such as the firewall network security which persistently prevents certain unauthorized access by certain malicious intrusions into the network systems such as the local area networks (LAN).

Firewall Network Security

Types of firewall network security systems

The firewall network system comprises two components such as

  • The firewall network security system in the form of a hardware component.
  • The firewall network security system in the form of software installations

The hardware version of firewall network security can be installed as a stand-alone system where it can be connected to a minimum of four network ports to connect other systems to a LAN. The hardware variant of the firewall network security system is the most ideal for a large enterprise organization where there are multiple workstations connected with each other in a peer-to-peer network system which finally connects the central server.

The software version of firewall network security can be installed on individual computer systems and further can be customized as per the specific customer. As a matter of fact, a software firewall protects the computer system from any intrusions in the network to have an access to your system.

Anecdote: At certain times, the computer systems when connected through the thin-client systems are sometimes prone to malicious intrusions which happen through the network system. A thin client completely depends on the server computer for its varied computational roles.

The modus operandi of firewall network security

Blocking of the malicious intrusions at the endpoint of an ISP

The firewall is a network security system which grants or rejects the network access to certain traffic flows between the certain untrusted zone (internet) and a trusted (LAN). The firewall network security filters the web traffic and blocks certain malicious software intrusions such as the malware, spyware and ransom ware at end point of internet service provider (ISP)

The functionality of the firewall in the networks

One of the most prominent techniques that a firewall possesses with it is the concept of packet filtering, wherein the firewall actually monitors the outgoing and incoming data packets and predominantly blocks certain malicious intrusions which otherwise gets into the IP addresses of the systems and their corresponding ports.

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