Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions Dubai

data disaster recovery
Keep Control on Your Critical Data with VRS Technologies’Backup and disaster recovery in Dubai.

“No matter what type of operating system is implemented, it is critical for users to employ good methods for data protection and recovery”.

Secure and world class recovery solutions from VRS Technologies

VRS Technologies specializes in creating swift, unswerving, and absolute Backup and disaster recovery in Dubai, UAE for clients along diverse spectrum. We enlarge the support, disaster recovery, data fortification, and relocation of products for both physical and virtual along with amalgam of environments. Our software and technology are used on millions of systems worldwide.We effortlessly pull off disaster upturn with customizable and latest tools. With prompt recovery steps, we have it all with single click recovery. The cost and budget you can get rid of manual backup steps. Not just decreasing the downtime issue or delegating rigid compliance necessities to your service provider, we assure you to have a secure data center with easy set up.

Our services spans from backing up your systems, data, applications, recover lost files and irrecoverable folders and restore to your desired hardware. In addition our expertise paves its way to recovering the virtual world too. Backing up the virtual systems, massive support o hypervisor, we provide devices from Buffalo, Acronics, Symantec, and we cover corporal and virtual environments. We give the complete ownership to the user, network, application, systems etc.

We are in tie up with world class partners like Buffalo, Acronics and Symantec to name a few.

Data Backup Solutions (Home/Business/Enterprise)

VRS Technologies provides data backup solutions for all types of businesses and enterprises. We also provide customized solutions to homes to protect your data. With our advanced backup solution, we help avoid potential risks of data loss. We offer the most cost effective and reliable backup solution for desktops and laptops.

Data Disaster Recovery Solutions

Through our data disaster recovery solutions, VRS Technologies strive to provide the most focused services to the IT companies. We take the efforts to integrate the advanced IT systems correlating with your business functions. We provide the services for all types of data disaster recovery right from minor deletions to entire system failures.

Backup and Data Recovery Software

VRS Technologies provides the most effective backup and data recovery software to offer comprehensive data protection with real time analytics for your business. We help to obtain better business insight through our advanced analytics. Our advanced recovery options will allow you to experience strict data recovery, while meeting all your expectations.

With prompt response, high liberty to request and a price worth the try, VRS Technologies’ Backup and disaster recovery in Dubai, UAE certainly would prove to be stepping stone to your business.


VRS Technologies is Partnered with:

ACRONICS - Silver Partners VRS Technologies

ACRONIS - Silver Partners

Acronics, one of the popular names in providing high data security adds more advanced features to the anti-sypware and data security for the enterprises. Acronics provides the best storage management solutions to the corporate and large organizations.

Key Features:
  • Helps expanding service portfolio with hybrid and cloud backup
  • Support recover and create new revenue streams
  • Acronics Backup cloud provides pre-use business model with zero entry costs
  • Help you build a strong business case for your services
  • Help manage your date in simple and easy way
BUFFALO - Tier 1 Partners VRS Technologies

BUFFALO - Tier 1 Partners

VRS Technologies is partnered with Buffalo, the leading and established manufacturer of NAS devices and security of data. Buffalo security is considered to be highly secured in many aspects.

Key Features:
  • Gives utmost priority to the customer data security
  • Perfect setups for the security
  • No need for internet connection to the setup / create account
  • Highly secured remote access via WebAccess
  • Best security on Airstation operation software
  • Complete protection of data on Terastation
SYMANTEC - Silver Partners VRS Technologies

SYMANTEC - Silver Partners

Symantec provides the backup and data center security solutions to the large IT companies. Symantec also provides threat protection and anti-malware protection for VMware applications.

Key Features:
  • Integrated with data center security, which includes VMware NSX, advanced server and third party security
  • Automation of data center tools to automate the security provisioning for new applications
  • Enable to stop advanced threats with intelligent security features
  • Enable to stop most threats before they attack
  • Accurate detection of rapidly mutating malware